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By Cara Links

Part Four

Understanding Epitaphs

Decoding old epitaphs can for the beginner be difficult when the stone has been written in Latin some phrases found on old stones

A.D. -Anno Domini: -In the Year of Our Lord

Ad mairoem Dei gloriam :- For the greater glory of God( the motto of the Society of Jesus)

Adsum:- Here I am

Aetatis suae;- Of his ( or her) age. On its own Aetis ;- 'Of the age' while aetatis suae means 'in the particular year of a person's life'. Many tombstones had such inscriptions as "DIED AETATIS SUAE 87', OR 'AS 87'. Sometimes the expression appeared as 'anno aetatis suae ( in the year of his or her age).

Aeternum vale;- Farewell forever

Amicus humani generis:- A Humanitarian a philanthropist.

Beatae memoriae" Of blessed memory

Consummatum est :- It is completed ( Christ's last words on the cross John 19:v30).

Dei gratia:- By the grace of God.

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum: Speak kindly of the dead.

Deo favente:- With God's favour. Sometimes appears on gravestones as an alternative to Deo gratias ( Thanks to God)

Deus misereatur:- May God have Mercy.

Domino optimo maximo:- To the Lord God, supreme ruler of the world ( The motto of the Benedictine Order).

Durante vita :-During life

Errare Humanum est: To err is human.

Et sequentes ( sequential):- And those that follow.

Ex voto:- According to one's wishes

Fama semper vivat:- May his ( or her) good name live forever.

Fecit:- Made it

Floruit:- ( often expressed as fl.)He or she flourished . This is sometimes placed on tombstones when the exact date of birth is not known.

Hic Jacet:- Here lies

Hoc loco :- In his place

In memoriam :- In memory of

In perpetuum: Forever. Sometimes in Pperpetuo.

Natus est: Born

Obiit:- He or she died

Obiit sine prole:- he or she died without issue

Requiescat in pace:- May he or she rest in peace. Sometimes as Requiescant in pace ( May they rest in peace)

Respice finem:- Look before you leap. The full adage from which this is taken is Quidquid agas prudenter agas et respice finem ( Whatever you do, do with caution, and look to the end).

Resurgam: I shall rise again.

Sic transit Gloria mundi:- So passes away the glory of the world. A popular epitaph from De Imitaition Christi by Thomas A Kempis the German mystic.

Siste viator:- Stop traveller

Sit tibi terra levis: May the earth be light upon you.

Terras es, terram ibis:- Dust thou art, to dust thou shalt return.

Tempus figiy:- Time flies

Vixit ---- annos :- He or she lived (a certain number of years ).

Relationships although there are alternatives to express same relation these below were the most common on epitaphs

Pater;- Father


Filius- Son

Filia - Daughter

Uxor- Wife


Socer: father In law

Socrus- mother in law

Gener- son in law

Nursus- Daughter in law

Amita- Aunt


Consobrinus- Cousin ( male)

Consobrina- Cousin ( female)


Femina- Woman

Infans- Child

Puer- Boy

Puella- Girl

Avus- Grandfather

Avia - Grandmother

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