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This is the start of a transcription for a group of over 450 tombstone photos that I took St.Margarets Cemetery in Midland on April 10th 2005, it is not a compleet listing but I will get the rest in the next few weeks.

St. Margaret's Cemetery

Son of Lee J. Grand, died 07 Nov 1899, aged 4 yrs and 4 mon


BERRIAULT: David, SR., 1903-1949 David, Jr., 1932-1946 Lorinda Beaucham: 1905-1990, Beloved wife and Mother

Ralph P. Berriault, 1929-1975

Lawrence J Berriault, PTE Kent Regiment, 1928-1998- Lest we Forget


ENRIGHT: Mary Teressa, dau of John and Lucy Enright Born: April 6, 1909, Died: Mar. 26, 1910

David Kennedy [rest illegible]

HEB[?] Died Dec. 13, 1906, aged 2 years Alice, died June 6, 1906, aged 12 yrs Joe, died June 28, ____. aged 2 yrs.

Mother, Cecile M. Ledoc [?], 1888-1965

ALARIE: William Alarie, 1886-1946 From _____friend Cecilia

POZNAKOWSKY: Inscription in Polish LUCACZ Poznakowsky, 1913- 1964

SACHS: Magdalena, 1887- 1964 Beloved wife of George Sachs, Dear Mother of Johann

MOREAU: In Memory of B. Albert Moreau, 1889-1965 Beloved Husband of Celina Woods, 1888-____.

DIGNARD: William A. Dignard, 1931-1964 Beloved Husband of Margaret Macallister Love Remembered Forever Loved

BETEAU: Agnes M. Garrant, 1895-1966 Beloved wife of Paul Beteau 1891-1950 Peter Beteau, 1846-1927 His wife Mary , 1853-1937

BETEAU: Patricia M. 1922- 1982, Maurice H. , 1921- 1991

MONTGRAIN: Arthur Joseph, 1917-1984 Beloved Husband of Margaret Moore, 1908-1998

DANDENAULT: Naomi A. Tremblay, 1911-1984 Beloved wife of Oliver I. Dandenault , 1909-1993

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to St. Margarets Cemetery Page 1

L'ESPERANCE: Father, Archie Joseph, 1896-1976 Mother, Clairce Pilon,1900-1979 Son, Raymond Joseph, 1932-1982

BELLEHUMEUR: Artrmese M. Juneau, 1901-1979 Beloved wife of Harvey J Bellehumeur, 1898-1981 Their daughter Rita M.1925

JOHNSON: Edward L. Johnson, 1907-1993 His Beloved wife, Doris Kennedy, 1812-______.

JOHNSTONE: F. S. [Ted] Johnstone, 1906-______. His Beloved Wife, Lillian M.. Bergeron, 1910-______.

MERK ____. Cecil W. Mer[?], 1914-1976 Beloved Husband of Mae Contois

Catherine McDermott Dutton, Died April 24,1927, aged 78 years also a Son, Edward Eaton Dutton Died Mar.1942,----aged 56 years his wife Ellen Blair, 1888-1967 Their son Blair, 1911-1967 Their son Patrick, 1926-1991

Michael McPeake, 1872-1967 His wife, Mary Dutton,1886-1967 Urbain J. Lefaive, 1911-1993 His wife, Mary A. Dutton, 1908-2003

McDERMOTT: Mary, wife of John McDermott, Sr., died Apr.19, 1832 aged 76 y'rs Angus, Their Sons, Died Nov. 8, 1900, aged 53 y'rs John McDermott, Jr., died Feb.1, 1914, aged 74 y'rs

Allan Dutton, 1948-1968 Dear Son of John Dutton 1914-1984

WILSON: Douglas A. Wilson, 1900-1964 Belovd Husband of Lillian F. Brodeur,1900-1988

Louise Smith, 1869-1950, Mother

Edward Earl, 1900-1940

ROBITAILLE: Alphonse Louis, 1886-1936 Beloved Husband of Mary A, Bourrie, 1894-1934 Their Son, Herbert, 1933-1928 ROBITAILLE; Francis E., 1919-1998 Son of Aphonse and Mary, Dear Husband of Estella McCarthy,Rest in Peace




If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to St.Margarets Cemetery Page 2








o'Conner: Velma O'Conner, 1905-1997, wife of C.G. Booth Julie Bourrie, wife of ______Elius O'Conner, died in Jan.31, ___.aged 28 years. Rest in Peace

Charles G. Booth, Corporal, 52 Battn_____. 18 Feb.1955, age 60. (These are 2 stones. The 1960 one is at the foot of the large O'Conner)

Robert Barry. -c- 1911

Anne J Ba(?)y- ____54-1927

WILSON((;Large stone with cross)

Madge Wilson, 1906- 1975

Charles Oswald Wilson, 1896-1984

Margaret Mary Simpson, 1895-1944

DSCO 1967 Stanley S. Wilson,1890-1969 Reqiscal in Pace ( I know the spelling is not right)

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to St.Margarets Cemetery Page 3

DSCO 1968 Wm. G. Wilson, 1899-1976

Hugh D. Wilson, 1893-1929

Francis J. Wilson, 1859-1910

Annie E. Fox, wife of F.J. Wilson, 1862-1926

Caroline A. Wilson, 1891-1940

Jack Wilson, 1888-1952

BOURRIE: Ildege J. Bourrie, 1867-1952 Beloved Husband of Mary St. Amand, 1871-1970 (illegebile)

LEMIEUX: Gilbert Joseph, 1905- 1997 Margaret R. Robitaille, 1911-2000

McGrath; ( just a large black stone)

Edward Earl, 1900-1940

Louise Smith , 1869-1950 Mother

Adele McGrath, 1913-1985 Wilfred McGrath , 1909-1986

Pearl Wilson, 1898-1983

A. Beatrice, 1904-1975

BOURRIE: William F. Bourrie. 1904-1988 Beloved Husband of Catherine M. O'Reilly, 1907-1992

Paul T. Bourrie, 1933-1979- Rest in Peace

LAWLESS: In Memory of J. Herbert Lawless, 1833-1860 Beloved Husband of Edna M. Brobeur [?] [illegible]


Michael J.McGuire died Apr. 3, 1902, aged 23 years, 2 ms. [inscription at bottom is illegible]

Patrick McGuire, Died Dec. [?] 20, 1914, aged 66 years Mary wife of Patrick McGuire, died, Jan. [?] 19, 1912. Aged 63 years.

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to St.Margarets Cemetery Page 4

McCarthy, [Identified in DSCO 1989]

Cornelius McCarthy, Died Jan. 28, 1905, Aged 106 years Bridget, his wife, died Apr. 20, 1906, aged 80 years Also three Infants

Rosella, wife of Willam McCarthy, died Feb. 24, 1904, Aged19 years William McCarthy, died Apr. 4, 1906, aged 31 years.

John M. McCarthy, 1874-1939 his Wife, Ellen M. Mitchell, 1887-1926 Edward O'Hara, 1877-1952 His wife, Jane McCarthy, 1877-1944

James McCarthy, died Nov. 30, 1895, Aged 42 years Nellie, wife of John McCarthy, died Sep. 6, 1907, Ages 32 yrs.

Joseph Booth, 1865-1955 [?] His wife, Emma Fulton 1873-1962 [?]

John 1884-1901 Agnes , 1871-1902

John M.Booth, 1828-1905 His wife, Harriet Dusome, 1835-1907

Joseph J. Booth, 1865-1955 His wife, Emma Fulton 1873-1962


Charoltte A. Benson, 1900-1966

[illegible] A. FitzGerald, wife of John M. Benson, 1864-1949.

John W. Benson,1864-1910


In Memory of Samuel [?] azer, born in Kill[illegible] Co.Mayo, Ireland , May 24, 1824, died May 1903

Catherine McCormick, 1850-1929 Richard McCormick, 1854-1934[?] McCormick on base of Stone

JESUS- MERCY MORIARTY: In Memory of William J. 1904-1959 Beloved Husband of Mary L. McCormick, 1914-1999 R.I.P.

LAVIGNE: Capt. Albert, 1881-1966 Husband of Elizabeth McDonald, 1885-1966, In God's Care

[Tall stone with Lavigne on the bottom]

LAVIGNE [stone illegible]

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to St.Margarets Cemetery Page 5

Joseph B. Lavigne, 1853-1922 His wife Philomene M[?]au 1857-1943

BOURRIE; The parents of a Priest Napoleon Bourrie, 1870-1947 Theresa O'Conner, 1874-1915 Pray for Them

[a tall stone covered in lichenno names are llegible]

A daughter, Gertrude, 1895-1944 SONS Walter, 1886-1914 Albert, 1889-1943

In Memory of Captain Michael LeRoux, 1861-1903 His wife, Mary Ann, 1867-1943

SWALES: Martine Lefebvre, 1921-1904 Christy McDermott, 1858-1931 Osber, 1863-1931 John Joseph, 1892-1934 Rose Ellen Simnett, 1888-1972 Infant : Murray

Marie Delima Robitaille, 1894-1967

In Memory of [illegible]

In Memory of Eusebe Lessard, died Aug.[?] 1933, aged 50 yr's.

Tremblay; In Memory of Harry H. 1883-1943 Beloved Husband of Mary E. 1883-1964 Macil H. 1908-1953 Beloved Husband of Catherine , 1909-1993

Anne Tremb[?] April 12,1950, August 12, 1964

GRISE: F. Didace Crise, 1914, 1974 Beloved Husband of Mary D. D'Aoust. 1913-2002

GRISE: Era[?] Rommell [?] 1820-1848 [?] Beloved wife of Fredercik S., Grise 1874-1950



John Francis O, Donhoe, Died Dec. 31[?], 1904, aged 20 years, Edward Augustine O"Donohooe, died Mar. 11, 1905, aged 23 years,

BEAUCHAMP: Joseph Beauchamp, 1878-1951 His Beloved wife, Delema Contois, 1885-1951 A Son, Armos, 1916-1946 Dau. Theresa 1924-1983


Bridget Fitzgerald. 1834-1944 R.I.P.

Henrietta Devine, 1850-1915 R.I.P.

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to St.Margarets Cemetery Page 6

James Devine, 1851-1926

Richard Devine, 18[?]-19-[?]


Alphonse Courtemanche. 1853-1941 Elmire Mathone, wife of A. Courtemanche, died Sep.29,1908, aged 50 yrs Capt. Clarence Cortemanche 1896-1960

Rose Courtemanche, 1883-1972

Carrie, died Oct. 26, 1903, aged 25 yrs. Alice, died 4 Aug. 14,1905

J.L. Kelman and his wife, Rosina Grise

Alice E. Allard, wife of Geo. E. Grise, 1884-1948

George E. Grise, 1882-1951

Michael O'Hare,born Milltown, Malbay. Co. Clare Ireland, died at Midland,August 17, 1931. "Thy Kingdom Come"

Ellen Howard wife of Michael O'Hare, Born in Nemagh Tipperary, Ireland Aug. 8, 1842, Died at Midland, June 2, 1905 "Thy Will be Done"

O"Hare & Mullen Michael O'Hare, 1839-1931 his wife, Ellen Howard, 1842-1905 Their Children: Florence, 1850-1888 Edward 1869-1907 Patrick 1865--1910 John 1868-1930 Margaret 1874-1940 Michael 1871-1953 Ellen 1878-(illegebile) Maude ( illegebile) Sarah (illegebile)

[Other side] MULLEN James Mullen, 1859-1923 His wife , Mary O'Hare ,1867-1966 Their Daughter, Nellie, 1896-1967 Their Son, Howard, 1905-1989 Husband of Dorothy Quick

Wood [?]

David Died [illegble]

Joseph Woods,1893- 1933

L. Wood, 1856-1925

Jaeger. In Loving Memory of Anne Teresa MacDonald, Feb.29, [?]-Oct. [?], [?] Beloved wife of [?] Jaeger.

Leitch: Neil Leitch, died Apr. 30, 1917, aged 64 years. Robert J. Son of Neil & Mary A.Leitch, Died Jan. 9, 1906- aged 24 years. May his Soul rest in peace. Amen

Lavigne: Ernest E. Lavigne, 1887-1945 Beloved Husband of Mary Ellen Reid, 1889-1981 Requescane In Pace


If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to St.Margarets Cemetery Page 7

If you want to see page 2 of the transcription go to Go to St.Margarets Cemetery transcription Page 2

Or if you want to see all 400 photos go to Go to St. Margarets Cemetery Page 1 and have a look.

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