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This is the transcription for a group of tombstone photos that I took Vasey United Cemetery on April 2nd 2005, it is not a compleet listing but I will try and get some more.

Vasey United Cemetery, Est. 1871

Russell; William J. Russell, 1866-1955 His wife, Annie Jennett, 1869-1938 Infant son, Joseph, aged 3 months

Irish; Frances Irish;1877-1966 Jane Irish;1879-1973 Lillian Dunlop; 1899-1979

Hawke; Louise Hawke, Wife of William Irish, died Dec.27, 1944 aged 70 years Edwin Irish; Died; Feb. 5, 1919, aged 42 years. (illegible) Irish; 18__ -1980

Brolley; Samue Brolley, 1851-1919 Elizabeth Bell, his wife, 1856-1813

McKeown; In memory of Catherine Beulah, Sept.26, 1894-Nov.6, 1901 Her Sister Zella, Mar.11, 1907- April 12, 1907 Daughters of Enoch & Jane McKeown Jesus is coming again.

In Memoriam Russell; James Russell, died Aug. 2, 1899 aged 63 years They that trust in the Lord(________ _____________________)(illegible) His Wife Nancy A. Hooey died, July 7, 1921, aged 75 years.

Russell; William O. Russell, died Jan. 27, 1838, aged 70 years.

Russell; George Russell, died Aug. 27, 1963, aged 78 years..

Cowden; In Loving Memory of James R.H. Cowden, Aug.5, 1853- Nov.3, 1952 His Beloved Wife Isabella Jones May 13, 1870- Nov. 8, 1945 Thomas H. Cowden Mar. 13, 1854- June 3, 1937

In Memoriam; Eunice, wife of James Cowden died Mar.13, 1901, aged 68 y'rs.

In Memory of John Malcolm, Who died Jan. 3, 1883 aged 31yr's & 3 mos.

(Entire stone is illegible)

GRATRIX: In Memory of William J. Gratrix, Nov.16, 1869-Oct. 17, 1851 Beloved husband of Emily Mount, Nov.18, 1867-Sept.30, 1954

Hazelton: George Hazelton, 1847-1887 Charles H. Hazelton, 1872-1877 Thomas Halleran, 1843-1920

In Memory of Arena Thompson, died June 13, 1892, Aged 86 years ____in Adam all die, ven so in Christ all _____made after. 1st Cor._______.

In Memory of Charles Haselt, died Dec. 23, 187__, aged 33 yr's & 3 mos. Also, Phoebe ( parts are illegible.)

Chambers: In Memory of Daniel Chambers, died May 11, 1906 His wife, Jane Harris, died May 14, 1909

McIndoo: In Memory of James S. McIndoo, 1889-1977, Beloved husband of Mary M. Blanchard, 1899- 1978.

McKeown; In loving Memory of William McKeown, Nov. 23, 1861-Feb. 6, 1943 His wife, Isabella Miller, June 8, 1885-April 1, 1923.

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 1

In memory of [illegible] Brown Wife of W. J. Elliott, died April 21, 1897, aged 32 years. And their daughter, Myrtle A. M.- born July 20, 1891-died, Sept. 27, 1892,

Note D.J. from Toronto sent the following info for the above grave.. Susan Mary Elliott nee BROWN, b. 28 July 1864, Cartwright Twp., Durham Co., ON., d/o Robert McKinley Brown and Elizabeth Brandon.

Widdess: William F. Widdess, Nov. 26, 1858- Mar.13, 1933 Elizabeth, Wife of William F. Widdess, Dec. 23, 1861- Jan. 13, 1922.

Mother: Jemima L Brown wife of James Burrison Born May 21 1866 Died August 20 1904 Aged 39 Yrs



Rummey: Matthew Rummey, died Aug. 2, 1935- aged 68 years His Wife, Eleanor Lawson, 1851-1930. Joseph S. his son, born Feb. 7, 1905, aged 15 years. ON THE SIDE. Harry Rummey, 1921-1974

Stewart: At Rest. Thomas Stewart, died Nov. 25, 1907-Aged 77 years Mary Ann Mophee his wife , died Aug. 6, 1894 [?], in her 34th year.

Belph: Phoebe L. McCrea. wife of Sidney C. Belph.[Illegible ] May, 13 Keith E., May 4, 1917. Helen M., June 7,1913.

L.M. Hazelton,1819- 1923 Margaret Ann Stewart, wife of W. Hazrlton 1855-1915 .

Seymour: George A. Seymour, 1883-1978 His beloved wife, Bertha A. Colwill, 1887- 1965. Their faithful son, Oscar Harvey Seymour. [date illegible]

Colwill: William Colwill, Jan. 1, 1848- Feb.3 1919 And his wife , Mary A. Archer, 1855-1940.

Widdess: Robert G. Widdess [the rest is illegible]

Taylor: George E. Taylor, 1841-1922 Annie Taylor, 1853-1935 Thomas A. Taylor, 1877-1932 Ida F. Taylor, 1881- 1967.

Cumming: Robert Cumming, 1840-1914 His wife Anne Burnfield, 1844-1939 Carl E. Died July 7, 1921, aged 7 mo's Marion L. born July 18, 1916, died Oct, 17, 1921 Andrew J. 1912-1920.

In Memoriam Mary A. Wilson, wife of Samuel J. Furzecott, Nov. 27, 1907, aged 35 years, [ illegible] Samuel J. Furzecott 1878-1963

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 2

LLord: Letitia LLord, died Nov. 30, 1927, aged 58 yrs. Ellen LLord, Born, June 30, 1927- aged 7 yrs.

In Loving Memory of William Henry Tinney, born July 5, 1858, died Feb. 9, 1934. His wife Mary Cowan( dates illegible) Tinney on the bottom of the Stone.

In Memoriam, Elizabeth (illegible on the rest of the stone) Alexander born, July (illegible) Died July 1936.

Montgomery: Joseph J. Montgomery, 1853-1932, His beloved wife, Mary J. Atkinson, 1854-1898.

John Tinney, died June 29, 1916, aged 80 yrs...his wife Elizabeth Bornish, died June 7, 1915, aged 78 yrs.

In Memory of Matilda Albert Morrison, died Mar. 29, 1893, aged 2 mos.

Entire stone is illegible..

In Memory of Joseph Brown, Aug. 19, 1891 ( the rest of the stone is illegible)

In Memory of Agnes Todd, beloved wife of Joseph Brown, (rest of stone illegible)

McWatterss: In loving memory of William A. McWatters, 1869-1940, Susan Matilda Brown, his beloved wife, April 6, 1876-Aug. 16, 1960.

John Bruce Widdess 1856-1931 on the Same Stone: George Widdess, 1830-1914, Margaret Bruce (his wife) 1833-1924.Widdess is on the bottom of the stone.

The entire stone is illegible.

The Entire stone is illegible.

Entire stone is illegible.

Entire stone is illegible.

In Memory of Robert Andrew, son of ..........Brown, died April 28, 1886, aged 14 yrs,7 mos. 15 days.

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 3

Vasey: Richard Vasey, July 12, 1811-Jan. 12, 1905, Sarah Wood,his wife Mar. 10, 1817-Mar.11, 1896.

(illegible)... dau of ........Brollley (illegible).

In Memory of Margaret, beloved wife of James Irwin, who died Mar 5,1891{?} aged 87 yrs. A native of Cavan (?) Ireland.

........ Margaret P. Falls, Beloved wife of Wm. Irwin, July 2, 1876-Dec.14, 1924. William I Irwin, 1878-(illegible), His wife Jane Cowell [?] 1879-18... Irwin on the bottom of the stone.

Entire stone is illegible.

................aged 24 yrs.

...............A. Irwin, December 1, 1915 aged 54 years.

Brown, In loving Memory of Johnston B. Brown, Oct. 27, 1880-May 18, 1951.His beloved wife, Sarah Ann Jennett, Mar. 14, 1884-May 24, 1960. Son; Johnston (Sonny) 1928-1998.

Stone illegible

Stone is illegible.

Our----- Melvhoen, son of ---------- &------Brown, died Feb. 3, 1892._ (The rest is illegible.)

Entire stone is illegible.


Margaret Holems, 1843-1940, wife of Arthur Cowan.

Arthur Cowan, June 2, 1839-May 8,1920.

Louise R. Cowan Mar. 20, 1882- Sept. 4, 1882.

G T Cowan. Jul. 6, 1880, --------1880

.....Mas A. Cowan 7-92 stone is mostly illegible.

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 4







Mc Clung






If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 5

Dsco: 2921 Webb on the bottom of the Stone. At Rest, Agnes Waples, Beloved wife of David Webb, Born August 31,........, David Webb, 1872-1955, his wife, Lena............ David Victor Webb, born May 24, 1902-died May 30........

Dsco: 2922 Inf. Robert, Aug. 1, 1921, Graham Webb, 1923-1973.

Dsco: 2923 Mary A. Myers........1888 ..........Henry H. Loney, 1862-1910

Dsco: 2924 Susanna Powell, Beloved wife of James Loney, died........, ........, aged 77 yrs, 7 days.

Dsco:2925 William Russell, Born Dec. 22, 1906, aged 78 years,"Gone to be with Jesus", Margaret J-. His wife, Died Sept. 14, 1912 - Aged 68 yeas. Russell on bottom of Stone. Dsco: 2926

McEwen In Memory of Wm. McEwen, died, Apr. 3, 1911. Aged 73 yrs. His wife Ellen Burton, John Died Feb, 25, 1935, aged 90 yrs. John Died June 8, 1921; William Died Nov 21, 1900, Aged 30 yrs.

Dsco:2927 Burton McEwen, Died March 2, 1951, aged 66 yrs.

Dsco: 2928 James Devitt, 1849-1932, his wife, Jane White, 1867-1936 Rosey, 1849-1893, George , 1891-1892, Baby, 4 mos, 1907. At Rest.

Dsco: 2929 Stone is illegible.

Dsco:2930 Stone is illegible.

Dsco:2931 Memory Myettia, died May 9, 1877, Aged 1 day, Memory of Elihah, died May 11, aged 4 days. Children of M.& M.A. Russell.

Dsco: 2932 Michael Russell, born Aug. 11, 1906, aged 74 yrs, Margaret Ann Jennett, his wife, Died Feb, 11, 1915, aged 70 yrs. Infants. Martha died Mar. 9, 1877, Elijah, died Mar. 14, 1877, Albert, Died Apr. 28, 1880, aged 2 years.

Dsco: 2933 Andrew Russell, 1867-1954, his wife Lucinda Taylor, 1873-1938.

Dsco: 2934 In Memory, .......... ..........of John & Mary Campbell Died ...........Born: 7 mos. 32 days.

Dsco: 2935 Edwards" in Memory of William John Edwards, Beloved husband of Elizabeth Covey, 1972-1987, their son G. Frankie, 1897-1898

Dsco:2936 Campbell, in loving memory Harry V, Campbell, 1889-1973, Beloved husband of Effie A.Guthrie, 1896-1892.

Dsco: 2937 ............son of Hestor and Agnes McLeod........1880

Dsco:2938 McLeod Charlie, Died Oct. 19, 1908, aged 10 yrs Thomas H. Died Dec.1,1905, aged 25 yrs Willie, Died, Mar. 13........, 3 mos,.

dsco:2939 Hector McLeod, 1856-1941, his wife Agnes M. Gratrix, 1858-1929, William J. McLeon, 1882-1962.

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 6

Dsco:2940-Hall Joseph Jall, 1[?] 63-1940, born June 28,.......... Aged 76............Thompson,

Dsco: 2941:Tompson Christopher Thompson, Died Aug. 12, 1913, aged 68 yrs, Sarah A. Bond, wife of Christopher Thompson, died Nov. 16, 1906, aged 56 Y'rs. His wife Annie Eliza Brown, Did Mar. 6, 1942, aged 78 yrs.

Dsco: 2942 In Memory of Jane.......[rest of stone illegible]

Dsco: 2943 Stone is illegible.

Dsco:2944 The top part of the stone is illegible. Mary E. Campell, 1888-1964, beloved wife of James Mc.........[Rest of stone is ilegible]

Dsco: 2945 Stone is illegible.

Dsco: 2946 Chambers, Their daughters, Mary Chambers, Nov. 22, 1905-Jan. 4, 1950, Martha J. Chambers, Feb.17, 1902-Mar. 31, 1997.

Dsco: 2947 Stone is illegible.

Dsco: 2948 In Memory of Elizabeth Tooley, .........of Roger Webb, aged 51 years. (Much of stone is illegible.)

Dsco: 2949 In Memory of Edward Tooley. [ much of the stone is illegible]

Dsco:2950 Memory of Bellen Furzcott, died Feb. 3, 1888, aged 19 years.

Dsco: 2951 Also in Memory of Isabella Furzecott, died Jan.10, 1883, aged 8 years.

Dsco: 2952 In Memory of Annie, beloved wife of Gideon Hawk, died Mar. 28, ....., aged 29 years.

Dsco: 2953 [Entire stone is illegible]

Dsco: 2954 [Entire Stone is illegible]

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 7

Dsco: 2955 John Bruney Fine [?] Aug, 27, 1889, aged 7 years , 6mos..

Dsco: 2956 Edwards;Charles Edwards, Apr.22. 1911- Aged 84 yrs. His wife Jane, July 20,1921, aged 73 years, J. Samuel, their son, Jan. 30, 1988, aged 20 yrs.

Dsco: 2957 Campbell. Franklin --------, Myrtle, 1958-1975 [rest of stone illegible] [What is the small round marker, in front of the stone Has the initals of L.O.B. A. on it .?]

Dsco: 2958 Wilson Campbell, July 10, 1859-July 22, 1910, Mary D..[rest of stone iilegible]

Dsco:2959 Stone illegible

Dsco:2960 Mary Jane Pew, wife of John Campbell, 1852-......

Dsco: 2961 Stone illegible

Dsco:2962 Stone illegbile

Dsco: 2963 Stone illegbile

Dsco:2964 ....... ......John .....Campbell, died Mar. 18, 1884, aged 7 mos. & 23 days.

Dsco:2965 George J. Jones, Dec. 4, 1858-Apr. 12, 1945, Ann Jane, wife of George J. Jones, Sep....1855-Jan. 24, 1912, Ellen B. Their Dau., infant. Their daughter, Wilma R., Oct. 28, 1898-April 6, 1960.

Dsco: 2966 Stone illegilble

Dsco: 2967 Stone illegible

Dsco:2968 Yates, In Memory of Agnes M. Swan, 1873-1920, Beloved wife of Ruben T. Yates, 1880-1966.

Dsco: 2969; there are three stones here. In Loving memory of Thomas Jones, born, Feb. 26, 1843, died Oct. 10, 1916, his wife Julian Hazelton, born Jan. 23, 1845, Died Oct. 22, 1916. Jones on the bottom of the stone.

Waples: the Black Stone: Robert D."Bob:, Nov. 23. 1950, June 5, 1995- Wilbert G. "Bert", Mar. 17, 1914. Sept. 28, 1995, beloved Husband of Sylvien N, Cowden.

Cowden In Memor of Allen, J. G. Cowden, .............. his beloved wife Patience J. Jones, 1873-1921.

Dsco: 2970 Swan: In loving Memory, John A. Swan. born: May 3, 1875, died Aug. 38, 1914, Oswald H. Swan, born, Aug, 12, 1871, Died, Aug.29, 1960. Jane N. Miller, his wife, born Mar. 23, 1872, Died, Sept. 21, 1958.

Dsco: 2971:Brown Entered into rest, Maria Robinson, beloved wife of James Brown, died at Orillia Sept. 29, 1913. James Brown, died at Orillia, Dec. 20, 1951, also his beloved wife, Jessie C. Campbell died at Orilla, Aprilla, April 26, 1970

Dsco: 2972 Arthur, on the top of the stone.

Dsco: 2973 Elizabeth Shaw, wife of Joseph Windrum, June 7, 1868-Aug. 24, 1910 Windrum on the bottom of the stone.

Dsco:2974-2 stones Paul Gudat, died:1935 Ewald (ED) Gudat, 1904-1999

Dsco: 2975 In Memoriam, William Son of John & Esther Dalton, died July 1, 1902, aged. 88 years.

Dsco: 2976 Stone is illegible.

Dsco: 2977 In Memoriam, John Dalton, died May 8, 1924, aged 84 yrs. His wife Esther, died Aug. 12. 1921. aged ?5 yrs.

Dsco:2978 Esther M.Rumney, 1895-1974, Dear wife of E. Oudat and mother of ...........

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 8

Dsco:2979 Porter: Thos. Egmund Porter, died Mar. 19, 1911, aged 41 years, Ellen Jennett- his wife, 1875-1937.

Dsco:2980 In Memory of .........Oct. 3, 1892.

Dsco: 2981 Stone is illegible.

Dsco:2982 Hamilton, in loving Memory of F. Charles Hamilton, 1854-1933, His Beloved wife Jane Porter, 1854-1930.

Dsco:2983 Their Children: illegible ............Margaret ...rbett. Died April 15, 1874-June 24, 1861.

Dsco:2984 Stone is illegible.

Dsco: 2985 In Memoriam, (rest of stone illegible)

Dsco:2986 Also, Elisabeth Robinson, wife of Francis Looney, 1857-1940.

Dsco: 2897 Stone is illegible.

Dsco: 2988 Stone is illegible.

Dsco: Robinson, died May 24, 1881, aged 8 years.

Dsco: 2990 Albert Robinson, died June 6, 1881, aged 10 years.

Dsco: 2991 John Ashley, son of Wm. J. & Isabella Robinson, died April 9, 18..7, aged 5 mos, 18.....?

Dsco: 2992 First part of stone is illegible... James.....died June ......, age 10 years......

Dsco: 2993 In Memoriam, (rest of stone is illegible)

Dsco:2994 (first part of stone is illegible)----- 1915, his wife Letitia Russell, 1898-1913, At rest.

Dsco:2995 In Memory of Ettie May, Mex. Mavel( illegible)

Dsco:2996 Mount: Daniel Mount, 1863-1946, his Beloved wife, Letetia Russell, 1865-1933 Their Sons, Daniel Wesley, August 6, 1892, William Ernest, August 10, 1892. Albert Mount, 1901-1980, Beloved Husband of Marjorie Miller, 1905-1989, their Dau, Christine, died 1938. Charles Boyd Mount, Feb. 19, 1974.

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 9

Dsco: 2997 Cowie: William A. Cowie, 1888-1964, his beloved wife Mabel Mount, 1890-1963.

Dsco:2998 Large red stone, on the top is Brown. Johnston Brown, 1859-1926, Charlotte, his wife, 1860-1926.

Dsco: 2999 Stone is illegible

Dsco: 3000 Stone is illegible.

Dsco: 3001 Stone is illegible

Dsco:3002 (First part of the stone is illegible) his wife Ellen Jane Campbell, died Feb. 4, 1846, aged 84 years.

Dsco: 3003 In Loving Memory of Agnes A. Ellis, June 1908-Sept.1967, wife of Geo. J. Ellis.

Dsco: 3004 Roma: Marion Ada Blake, 1891-1936, Beloved wife of Luke Roma, .....husband... Alice & Clarence Ellis

Dsco:3005 Emaline Jean.....daughter of ........1937 (rest of stone is illegible)

Dsco: 3006 In loving memory of Leonard Bruce Brown, May 12, 1893-May 21, 1941. His wife, Gertrude Pearl Brittain, Oct......?(dates are illegible.) Brown on the bottom of the stone There is another stone at the bottom of this one: Ralph L. Brown, Beloved husband and father.

Dsco: 3007 Potter: In Memory of Mary Ann Warriner, Born Mar. 20, 1881, Died May 1, 1951. Beloved wife of Allan V. Potter, Born Mar. 2, 1883, Died, Feb. 2, 1967.

Dsco: 3008 Brown: Nelson L. Brown, Dec. 1907- June 1988, Beloved Son of Johnston and Sarah. (Ever Remembered)

Dsco:3009 Edwards: Ormal M.J. Edwards, 1901- 1976, Beloved husband of Marie E. Trew, 1908-1991.

Dsco: 3010 Gertrude Lily Dalziel, 1911-1998. (Preserve this flower so gentle and ......(kind).?

Dsco: 3011 Dalziel: Robert L. Dalziel, husband of Freeda M. Kichener, 1903-1968.

Dsco:3012 Crooke: In Memory of Mabel Rumney, 1886-1963, Beloved wife of E. Nelson Crooke, 1885-1971.

Dsco: 3013 McLeod: In Loving Memory of Jams Cecil McLeod, Jan.29, 1887-Mar. 18, 1979. His Beloved wife Mirea Dorothy Barr, Jan. 11, 1896-Nov.7, 1962.

Dsco: 3014 Widdess: George Widdess, 1894-1963, his Beloved wife Zell Pawley, 1893-1959. Frank B. Widdess, 1889-1969.

Dsco:3015 Brown: Frederick M. Brown, 1890-1959, Beloved Husband of Gertrde P. Tinney, 1894-1984. (At Rest)

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 10 Dsco: 3016 Robinson: In Loving Memory of George Herman Robinson, April 16, 1879-Nov. 20, 1964, Beloved husband of Alice Moetta King, Nov.5, 1882-Sep 14-1974.

Dsco:3017 Robinson, Robert Blain, May 30, 1940-June 3, 1940, infant son of Thomas and Leita.

Dsco: 3018 McLeod: In Memory of Betha V. Campbell, Feb. 8, 1886- Dec. 11, 1968, wife of William J. McLeod (at rest)

Dsco: 3019 Robinson: In Loving Memory of William John Robinson, Jan. 19, 1862-April 18, 1941. Isabella Hazelton, Feb.2 1863-Dec. 18, 1943.

Dsco: 3020 Lockhart: In Loving Memory of Mathew William Lockhart, Aug. 5, 1887-Mar. 24, 1967. Beloved Husband of Edith Hodgins, Feb. 8,1889-Apr.1, 1976.

Dsco: 3021 Tinney: Josiah Tinney, 1888-1974, His beloved Wife, Gertrude F. Morrison, 1890-1979. (at rest)

Dsco: 3022 Buchanan: In Memory of Gladys I. Tinney, Beloved wife of J. Harold Buchanan. 1918-1992.

Dsco: 3023 Potter: In Memory of Margaret J. Kinsman, 1880-1945, beloved wife of Herbert A. Potter, 1879-1960.

Dsco: 3024 Cameron: In Memory of Charles W. Cameron , 1880-1941, Beloved Husband of Emma Loney, 1893-1952.

Dsco: 3025 Webb: Lorne Webb, June 1906-Feb. 1988, Beloved Husband of Betty Brown. ( Abide with Me)

Dsco:3026 McLeod: In Loving Memory of Kenneth C. McLeon, Oct.5. 1893-March 2,1966 Beloved Husband of Nina Webb, July 16, 1899-April 21, 1998. ( Ever remembered , ever Loved)

Dsco: 3027 J.T. Ralph Dalton, 1905-1971, his wife Marjorie [?] Ball, 1913-1956.

Dsco: 3028 Dalton: Robert Dalton, 1869-1911, his wife Margaret Ann Ney, 1896-1978. At the bottom: Ann & Robert 1897

Dsco: 3029 Cumming: In Memory of Helen M. Digby, 1872-1954, Beloved wife of Robert J. Cumming, 1873-1963, Margaret T. Cumming, 1875-1932.

Dsco 3030 Irish: In Memory of Garnet W. Irish, 1943-1963, Beloved Husband of Barbara J. Hill.

Dsco: 3031 Brown: In Memory of Gordon F. Brown, 1909-1965, Belovd Husband of Gwendoline Brown, 1905-1970.

Dsco: 3032 Thompson -- Lawson Vera F. Tinney1928-2005, Duncan, 1928-2004.

Dsco: 3033 Jones: In Memory of M. Irene Elliott, 1800-1885. Beloved wife of Edson{?}Jones, .....1977, Their infant dau, Ellen Jean, ........Nov. 5., 1943.

Dsco: 3034 Montgomery: In Memory of Edith Turl, 1899-1982. Beloved wife of Roy I. Montgomery, 1893-1982.

Dsco: 3035 Vasey: Ivan M. Vasey, 1907-1978. Beloved Husband of Elva M. Greenlaw, 1914- ......

If you want to see a photo of one of the graves listed above go to Go to Vasey Cemetery Page 11

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Genealogy is the study of family pedigrees, the descent of a person or family from an ancestor, generation by generation.