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Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois Court Records 1930 ~ 1957

Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois Court Records 1930 ~ 1957

This is a fantastic court ledger book from Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois. The book starts with court records in 1930 and ends in 1957. The ledger contains 320 pages of great genealogical and historical court records for this part of Illinois.

The book contains a full record of many of the court cases including such information as Name of Plaintiff, Name of Defendant, The Charge, Arresting Officer, Outcome of Trial (Verdict). You can see a sample page from the court records ledger at Staunton Court Records.

Staunton Illinois Genealogy

Some of the court cases include people not from Staunton but from the surrounding towns and countryside. I also noticed at least one from a nearby military base.

This ledger book is a one-of-a-kind genealogy court records resource for the area in and around Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois . If you had ancestors living in Staunton or nearby you may find your ancestors are in this book.

I have created an index for the Staunton Court Records book. Just take a look below to search for your ancestor. If you find someone of interest you can order the full record. Ordering info is at the bottom of this page.

Last Name Firstname Page #
?lakey Norman A. 229
Albrecht Robert 87
Albrecht Carl 90
Albrecht Carl 173
Albrecht Carl 219
Allen Junior R. 228
Alstat Delmar 140
Altman Ralph 161
Anchutz Edward 55
Bahn Nick or Mick 210
Baldoni Louis 67
Banoug or Banouz Steve 222
Banovz Paul 58
Barbush John 97
Barton L.D. 200
Basso James P 15
Baumberger Harry Nicholds 228
Becker Warren 49
Beckman Ross Geo. 234
Bellovich Catherine 66
Bellovich Toni 104
Bellovich Selma 179
Bennett Teddy 123
Bennett Vivian 226
Bergman Robert 198
Bertognolli A.J. 94
Berton M.L. 170
Billings Harold 28
Billington Osie 52
Blaze Chas 76
Bodnar Charles 175
Boeker Richard 32
Boeker Richard 212
Bohlen Joe 33
Bononi Steve 70
Bouifar or Bonifar John 4
Bouman (Hard to read) Louis 13
Boyd James 100
Bozzardi F 50
Bran?a Joe 10
Bran?a Nelle 10
Brewer Donald 194
Brickner Gus J. 85
Brown Hallie 110
Bruce Elmer 70
Bruhn Jerry 103
Brusack Rae 166
Brusack Joe 166
Buchanan Forrest 97
Buffington George 54
Buffington George 115
Buffington George 136
Burns Lucian Randolph 201
Cadorin John 196
Caldieraro Emil 86
Caldivaro E. 176
Campbell Patricia 171
Carson J.D. 75
Carter John 29
Carter John 73
Cavinder Harold 43
Cavinder Harold 71
Cerentauo James 281
Cerentauo Antone 281
Chapman W.E. 281
Chiarodo Ann 32
Chism Harry 181
Church Glen C 108
Church Glen 120
Church Glenn 172
Cisler Stanley 75
Clausen Willard 143
Cleary James 87
Cloud Clovis 46
Compton W.E. 42
Costa Frank 221
Cretteur Henry 136
Crorkin Wm 51
Cunningham Homer 70
Dabrinich or Dobrinich Juanita 53
Dabrinich or Dobrinich Pete 53
Dammenbarger E B 1
Davidson Joseph 26
Davis Walter 150
De Vries Merl 175
Degler Robert 94
Delich William 98
Dietiker Eugene 173
Dietzel A.W. 122
Dingerson James 141
Donahoo Carlyn 22
Donnelsen James 141
Dooley Keneth 184
Drumtra Kenneth 197
Duda August 8
Elders Charles 27
Eller Richard 76
Entrikin Gereld 151
Favre or Faure William 209
Fesser Iram 142
Fetter Albert 139
Fetter Albert 167
Fischer C C 3
Fischer Wm 31
Fischer Dorathy 163
Fischer Joseph 163
Fletcher James 106
Fletcher James 169
Forrester Emery 141
Frang Sales And Service   120
Franklin Edward 282
Franklin Lena 282
Frey Henry 116
Frey Henry 165
Frey Jessie 165
Frey or Trey Henry 137
Friederich Melvin 47
Friend Junior 155
Fritz Harold 35
Fritz August 224
Garsage John W. 215
Gieseking Alvin 93
Glatz Tony 16
Goebe Eugene 12
Goff A.C. 70
Goff A.C. 71
Goff A.C. 101
Goff A.C. 110
Goff A.C. 111
Gomora or Gomara Tony 6
Gorton Richard 133
Grabruck James 26
Gramm Bernard 130
Graytak Frank 81
Gretak John 188
Gunn William 129
Haase Carl 124
Haase Walter 190
Haase Carl 214
Hachmuth Arnold 96
Haenni or Haemi Arthur 237
Hagel Dorothy Ann 220
Hagen A.C. 144
Hahnenkamps Louise 72
Haknenkamp Fred 72
Haller Paul 229
Haller Paul E. 236
Hamel Grain Co   132
Hampton Earl 189
Harness Gene 156
Harrison Oren or Aren 89
Hartman Donald 146
Hartnett Jack 100
Haustein Laurence 159
Havanec Joseph 227
Healey Loraine 235
Hegel Roy 79
Hegel Roy 81
Hegel Roy 82
Hegel Roy 83
Hegel Nick 83
Hegel Roy 84
Helm Norman 288
Helm Mary 288
Hemberger Francis Walter 206
Hempen E.D. 75
Hochmuth Fern 66
Hochmuth Arnold 119
Hochmuth Jerry 194
Hochmuth Arnold 221
Hochmuth Fern 221
Hohnenkamp Fred 154
Hohnenkamps Louise 25
Hohnenkamps Fred 25
Holeschek Charles 140
Holeschek Charles 170
Holeschek Richard 213
Holmes Keneth 148
Homer William D 9
Horne Harvey 131
Horne Harvey 202
Hoskins Harold 138
Huff Wm 146
Huntman Furniture   116
Huntman Furniture   117
Huntman Furniture   118
Huntman Furniture J.W. 152
Imperial Station   121
Indelicato Salvador 115
Jackson Albert 31
Jarden Marie 86
Jarman Mary 129
Jirges Charles 180
Johames Stegehuis 127
Johnson Robert 101
Johnson C 104
Johnson Chas T 118
Johnson Orville 121
Johnson Dale 176
Johnson Motor Co   124
Johnson Motor Co   125
Johnson Motor Co   129
Johnson Motor Co   130
Johnson Motor Co   162
Johnson Motor Co   174
Jones Edward 45
Kalika Joe 168
Kanz Leo 204
Karlovic Lavern 54
Karrick Richard 157
Kathrenich John 42
Kellenberger Melvin 183
Kelso Joe 187
Kentro Virgil 34
Kernetti Ray 120
Kesper K. 113
Kilduff Agnes 80
Kirkwood Dave 125
Klenke Norman 177
Klinger Art 39
Klobnak James 63
Knemoeller H. ?. 6
Knotts Hilda 59
Koller Chris 236
Kotue Pete 21
Kotur Peter 17
Kuba Larry 194
Kuehnen Harry 149
Labantschnig Victor Albert 115
Lair Irl Richard 211
Landolt Fred 74
Langley Gary 161
Laskach John 56
Lewis B.E. 67
Lindley Catherine 64
Lindley George 64
Litviak Joe 117
Lotter Geo 109
Lovejoy Roy 61
Lovejoy Geo 69
Lovejoy Lowell 112
Luker Paul 286
Luker Margaret B. 286
Luker Paul 288
Luker Margaret B. 288
Luker Edward 288
Luker or Luber Paul J 13
Luker or Luber Paul J 14
Luttman Robert 74
Mahata Max 16
Maniewicg or Mancewi?z Joe 194
Mansholt Marcus 95
Marcolina Elio 238
Marose Sam 57
Marrow Velmah 5
Mashanec Joe 65
Masinelli Albert 44
Mayfield J.G. 48
McCoy E.H. 114
McKay Vincent 96
McKee Kathryn 21
Meier Lawrence 205
Meininger Eugene 140
Menyelkamp Harry Red 202
Michuda Frank 145
Mikeska Wm 127
Miller Elenor 88
Minners Radio And Electric   200
Mischance Joe 1
Mitch?lar Hardware   122
Mitchell Mildred 142
Mitchell Louis 157
Mitchler Louis 69
Monke Laverne 147
Monke Vivian 147
Monschein Otto 229
Monti Carmelida 105
Monti Geraldine 105
Moros John 77
Moros Charles 209
Moros Mike 210
Morris Willie 207
Mosele Chris 172
Mueller Gerhardt 78
Mueller Gerhardt 84
Mull Geo 76
Nesper K 80
Niles Douglas 41
O Neal Hal 60
Oettel Ted 191
Ooton Jeanette 177
Ott Clarence 232
Paris Harry 160
Parks Keith 61
Parmelee Bert 32
Parraik or Parraih William 3
Patten Mick 112
Pauge Louis 178
Pernicha Charles 11
Pernichle Albert 99
Peters Dale 216
Peterson John 186
Phillips Elmer 153
Picco Dominic 114
Pickerill James 162
Pollo Emma 102
Preloger Rudy 96
Price Edward 113
Rabus Alfonzo 126
Rabus Alphonse 158
Rabus Alphonse 208
Rae Robert 2
Rae Orvid 30
Rae Orvid 74
Rae Ropert 164
Rae Robert 174
Rankin Bill 79
Redford H.E. 132
Redford Elsie 132
Reising Herman 167
Rhodes James 149
Ridenhower Donald 126
Riedenhower Don 190
Roman Carl 136
Rose Charles 135
Rubus James 18
Safko Tony 19
Sager Virgil 19
Sapko Tony 1
Sauerwein Robert 203
Sawyer Roland 9
Sawyer Viola B 9
Scangoni Jack 192
Scangoni Jack 195
Scanlin Pat 114
Schider Robert 37
Schmollenger Maurice 91
Schnaare Otto 182
Schoen Geo 109
Schuette Harold 106
Schuette William 109
Schumacher John 285
Schumacher Joseph 285
Schumacher Emma 288
Schwendeman Joseph 185
Sciranko Mike 218
Sciranko Mike 239
Sears And Roebuck   119
Seeger Eugune Gordan 20
Seidel William 14
Seidel Wm 128
Seis Alvin 45
Sies Alvin 115
Sievers Louis W. 218
Sievers Fred W. 231
Sievers John 231
Smith Wm 36
Smith Paul 82
Smith Samuel 99
Smith Kathleen 102
Smith Earl 107
Smith Delmar 111
Smith Chas 111
Smith Delmar 217
Smith Everett 223
Spagnolo Minnie 230
Spak Charles 1
Speckman Allen 127
Spengeman Irvin 152
Spittler Paul 193
Staunton Concrete   131
Stefani Mrs Chris 4
Stemploski Oscar 11
Stokes Texas Harvey 199
Strebeg Chris 8
Strebeg Daisy 8
Stucker Fred 141
Teeske Claude 69
Telts Ruth 135
Terveer Rusell 62
Thery Louis 68
Thomas Harold 134
Towns Herschel 85
Towns Herschel 128
Trettin Emma H 43
Troxel Woodrow 225
Tuskan John 284
Tuskan Barbara 284
Valenta Veneta 127
Vesper K 121
Vesper Keneth 141
Vesper Glen 233
Wallace Bessie 129
Wenner Walter 20
Wenschel Richard C 5
Westhoff Henry 136
White Mary Lou 40
Wilkus Ignatz 2
Williams Clifford 92
Wineburner Russell 232
Winterman Sidney 38
Wolf Bertha 22
Woods Robert 12
Woods Robert 145
Woolridge K.L. 158
Woolridge Alonzo 283
Woolridge Bertha 283
Wrays Store   160
  Charles H 17

I am pleased to announce that I am slowly scanning all of these wonderful Ledger Books. Each book will be published as a downloadable PDF file on AncestorsAtRest website so that genealogists and historians can access them freely. Please be patient as I work towards bringing them all online.

Go to the Index to List of available Ledger Books

Meantime if you wish to help with the expense of my purchasing these invaluable one-of-a-kind Ledger Books please consider contributing. No amount is too small. The books are very expensive and I want to bring as many online for researchers to access for free. I hate to think of these wonderful books, chock full of our ancestors' names, disappearing!

If you would like to help, just use the PayPal button below. Choose from $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00 or $25.00 to go towards the costs of purchasing more ledger books.

Your Contribution Choice
Find Death Records on Ancestors at RestIf you would like to Request a lookup in the Staunton, Macoupin County, Illinois, Court Records choose from Cheque, Money Order or if you prefer Pay Pal just click on the Pay Pal logo.
Use this Pay Pal button if you would like a hard copy sent to you by regular mail.
Use this Pay Pal button if you would like a scan sent to you by e mail.

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