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Elbert HUBBARD, Alfred G. VANDERBILT, Justus Miles FORMAN, and Charles FOHMAN Among Those Who Sailed Last Saturday for Liverpool

NEW YORK, MAY 7, 1915 - The Lusitania sailed from here last Saturday in the face of a warning published on the day of her departure by the German Embassy, which stated that invadiers intending to embark on British ships did so at the risk of the ships being destroyed in accordance with the German war zone decree. This warning, published in the form of an advertisement did not result in the cancellation of a single passage nor did an anonymous notes of warning said to have been received passengers just before the big liner left her pier, deter anyone from sailing.

WELL KNOWN MEN OF BOARD Among the well known passengers on the Lusitania are Alfred Gwynne VANDERBILT, Charles T. BOWNING of New York, head of the firm of BOWNING Brothers; Alexander CAMPBELL, general manager for John DEWAR and Sons, London, Elbert HABBARD; D. A. THOMAS, the wealthy Welsh coat operator, and his daughter Lady MACKWORTH, an English suffragette; the Rev. Basil W. MATURIN, Oxford England; Charles FROHMAN, Charles KLEIN, and Justus Miles FORMAN. In addition to those on her passenger list the Lusitania carried ?4 who were to have sailed the same day on the Anchor Liner Cameronia, which at the last moment was held in port by orders of the British Admiralty, presumably to be sent to Halifax.

OTHER NEUTRALS LISTED The list made public showed the various nationalities of the passengers as follows:

FIRST CABIN: Great Britain, 179; United States, 106; Greece, 3; Sweden, 1; Mexico, 1, Switzerland, 1.

SECOND CABIN: Great Britain, 621; United States, 65; Russia, 3; Belgium, 1; Holland, 2; France, 5; Italy, 1; Unknown, w.

THIRD-CLASS: Great Britain, England 204, Ireland 39, Scotland 18; Russia, 59; United States, 17; Persia, 18; Greece, 3; Finland, 1; Scandinavia, 4; Mexico, 1.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adams, Boston, MA
A. H. ADAMS, New York
W. McM. Adams, New York
Lady Allan and maid Montreal.
Miss Anna, Allan, Montreal.
Miss Gwyn Allan and maid, Montreal
M. N. ALLEE, New York
Julien De Ayale, Cuban consul general at Liverpool

James Baker, England.
Miss M. A. Baker New York
Mrs. and Mrs. G. W. B. Bartlett, London.
J. J. Battersby, Stockport England
Albert C. Bilick and wife, Los Angeles, CA
Leontdas Bist?ler, Atlantia
J. J. Black, New York
Thomas Bloomfield, New York
James Bohan, Toronto, Canada
E. B. Boyes, Boston
Charles T. Bowning, London
Mr. Boulton, Jr. Chicago
Miss Braithwaite, Morristown
Miss Josephine Brandell, New York
Allen Bredge and wife, New York
C. T. Brodrick, Boston
W. Boderick-Coeta, San Antonia, TX
J. H. Brooks, New York
Mrs. F. C. Brown, New York
William H. Brown, Buffalo, New York
Henry G. Burgess, New York
Mrs. Burnside and maid, New York
Peter Buswell, New York
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bruno, MontrealcLos Angelesir, NJ
A. J. Byington, London
Michael G. Byrne, New York

D. L. Chabot, London
Alexander Campbell London
Mrs. W. Chapman, Toronto
J. H. Charles, Toronto
Miss Doris Charles, Toronto
The Rev Cowley CLARK, London
A. CLos Angelesrk, Toronto
M. Cohen, New York
H. G. Colebrook, Toronto
Miss Dorothy Conner, New York
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Copping, Toronto
Mrs. William Crichton, New York
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crompton, Steven, John and Alberta Crompton and infant and nurse, all of Philadelphia
Robert W. Crooks, Toronto
A. B. Cross, --

R. E. Dearbergh, New York
Mrs. A. DePAGE, New York
C. A. Dingwall, Chicago
Miss C. Dougall, Quebec
Harold Moyne Daly, Vancouver, B. C.
Mr. Audley Drake, Detroit
James Dunamuir, Toronto
W. A. Bemond, Quebec

John Fenwick, Switzerland
Dr. Howard Fisher, New York
Justus M. Forman, New York
Mrs. Leslie Faber, Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Fowler, New York
J. Friedenstein, London
Edwin W. Friedend, Farmington CT
Charles Frohman and valet, New York

Fred J. Gauntlett, New York
Edward Gorer, New York
M. O. Gibson, New York
Mr. and Mrs. Montague T. Grant, Chicago

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hammond, Toronto
C. C. Harnwick, Toronto
C. T. Hill, London
Mr. and Mrs. William Hodges and children, W. S. Jr., and Dean W., Philadelphia
Master Bobs Holt, Montreal
Thomas Home, Toronto
A. L. Hopkins, New York
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Hubbard, East Aurora, NY
Miss Hutchinson, Orange, NJ

C. T. Jeffrey, Chicago
Miss Jones, New York

Mr. and Mrs. M. Keblee, Toronto
Francis C. Kellett, New York
Mr. Kempson, Toronto
Mrs. C. Hickson Kennedy, New York
Miss Kathryn Kennedy, New York
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Keser, Philadelphia
Mrs. M. W. Ketchum, New York
Mrs. and Mrs. H. C. Kimball, New York
T. B. King, New York
Charles Klein, New York
C. Harwood Knight, Baltimore
Miss Elaine Knight, Baltimore
S. M. Knox, Philadelphia

Sir Hugh Lam, England
Mrs. H. R. Lassetter, London
F. Lassetter, London
Charles E. Laurfat, Jr., Boston
Mr. and Mrs. I Lewis and Edith Lewis, Oklahoma City
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Llearoyd and maid, Sydney, Australia
F. O. Lewis and valet, Montreal
James Leary, New York
Ebert Leigh, Liverpool, England
Gerald A. Leifs, New York
Mrs. Popham Lobb, New York
R. R. Lockhart, Toronto
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Loney,
Miss Loney and maid, New York
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lano, Chicago
Mrs. A. C. Luck and two children, Worcester, MA

John W. McConnel, Memphis, TN
Miss Frances McDonald, Montreal
William McLamb, New York
L. McMurray, Toronto
Fred A. McMurrry, New York
F. B. MacLennah, New York
Mrs. Henry Maccona, New York
William Mounsey, Chicago
Lady Mackworth, Cardith, Wales
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart S. Mason, Boston
A. T. Mathews, Montreal
The Rev. Basil W. Materin, Oxford, England
George Mautrice, Toronto
M. B. Medburry, New York
H. H. Meyers, New York
C. B. Mills, New York
James B. Mitchell, Philadelphia
R. T. Moodie, New York
Mrs. M. E. Morrelli, Toronto
G. G. Mosley, New York
R. T. Moody, Gainesville, TX
Capt. T. B. Mulles, New York
Mrs. Munro, Liverpool, England
Herman A. Myres, New York

F. G. Naumann, New York
Gustav Adolph Nythom, Canada
Dr. J. O. Ore, Toronto
Mrs. T. G. Osborne, New York
Mrs. A. B. Osborne, Hamliton, Canada

Mrs. F. Padley, Liverpool, England
Frederico G. Padillia, consul general for Mexico in Great Britain
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Planondon, Chicago
J. H. Page, New York
Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Pappadpulo, Greece
Frank Partridge, New York
Charles E. Paynter, Miss Irene Paynter, Liverpool
F. A. Peardon, Toronto
Dr. and Mrs. F. S. Pearson, New York
Mr. and Mrs. F. Warren Pearl, Infant and maid
Misses Amy W. W. and Susan W. Pearl and maid, Stuart Duncan D. Pearl, New York
Edwin Parking, New York
Federick J. Perry, Buffalo
Albert N. Perry, Buffalo
William B. Phillips, New York
Robinson Pirie, Hamilton, Ontario
William J. Pierpont, Liverpool, England
Henry Polland, New York
Miss Theodate Pope and Maid, Farmington, CT
George A. Powell, New York

N. A. Radcliff, New York
Robert Rankin, New York
Dr. Owen Renam, New York
A. L. Rhys-Evans, Cardith, Wales
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Rogera, Toronto
T. W. Rumble, Toronto
Miss Laure Ryerson,
Mrs. C. Sterling Ryerson, Toronto

Leo M. Schwabacher, New York
August W. Schwarte, New York
Percy Secombe, and Miss Elizabeth Secombe, Boston, MA
Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Shields, Cincinnati, OH
Mrs. R. D. Shymar, New York
M. T. Slidell, New York
Miss Jessie Taft Smith, Braceville, OH
H. H. Sonneborn, Baltimore
Commander J. Foster Stackhouse, London
Duncan Stewart, Montreal
Herbert S. Stone, New Nork
Martin Van Straston, London, England
C. F. Sturdy, Montreal
Alex Stuart, New York

R. L. Taylor, Montreal
D. A. Thomas, Cardiff, Wales
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Thompson Semour, IN
Mr. and Mrs. E. Blish Thompson, Indiana
George Tiberghlen, New York
F. E. O. Total, London,
Earnest Townley, Toronto
F. J. Tinnie, Gainesville, TX

Alfred D. Vanderbilt, and valet, New York
W. A. F. Vassar, London

Miss A. T. Wakefield, New York
I. Walker, New York
Mrs. Wallace Watson, Montreal
C. H. Williams, New York
C. F. Williamson, New York
Mrs. A. F. Witheroy, and L. Witheroy, New York
Lathrop Withington, Boston
Arthur Wood, New York
Mrs. Catherine. E. Willey,
Lake Forest, IL
Robert C. Wright, Cleveland OH
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Y?urig, Hamilton, Ontario
Phillip Yong, Montreal
S. Atromita
Mrs. Hannah Ackroyd
Frederick Ackroyd
Mrs. A. R. Adairs
Mrs. A. E. Adams
Joseph Alston
Mrs. B. Abas
Miss Beatrice Abas
Mrs. Rhode Amary
Mrs. George A. Anderson
George Arthur
J. S. Arter
J. F. Auld
Mr. and Mrs. L. Bailey
Miss Eva Baker
Miss May Banett
Miss R. Barbour
Miss C. Barbour
Miss M. Barker
Miss W. Barker
Miss M. Barker
Mrs. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. James Barr
El Barrie
Mr. and Mrs. William Baxter,
the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. James Beattie
James Beaumont,
N. Bernaya
Mrs. Bilbough
Miss A. W. Bingham
Henry Birchall
Mrs. Rose Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Booth-Jones
Perseival Booth-Jones
John Booth
Mrs. H Booth
Miss Bourke
Miss Margaret L. Boyd
Mrs. Braniner
Mrs. Bretherton and infant
Louis Brilly
Dan Brower
Mrs. J. H. Gull
H. Dullen
Mrs. A. S. Burden
Reuben Burley
Mrs. Burley and infant
Miss Doris F. Burley
W. R. Busbine
Mr. and Mrs. Butler
Miss Margaret Butters
Patrick Callon
K. Campbell
Miss T. S. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Campbell
Miss A. M. Campbell
Mrs. and Mrs. A. Candish
Miss H. Carson
C. Cattley
Mrs. Chalmers
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Chambers
Mrs. and Mrs. H. Chantry and infant
Miss E. Charles
Miss A. Chatt
Mrs. F. Ch?gwin and infant
Mrs. Frank Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. William Clayton
Guy R. Guy-Cook
Mrs. Cooks
William Colbert
Mrs. Helena Colter
Miss Susan Coleman
E. M. Collie
Miss Della Condon
Miss Mary Costello
Mrs. E. Cowper
Mrs. M. Cox
Desmond Cox
Miss Allan Oraby
Mrs. M. Cox
Mrs. and Mrs. B. Cutchinson
Bernard Cutchinson
William Dale
David Dalyrimple
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Davey
Arthur Davey
Miss Annie Davis
Ben Davies
G. T. Davies
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dixon
Stanley Dixon
Miss Dorothy Dodds
Miss Adalphiin A. Donaol
Robert Dyer
Vincento Ragans
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott
John Ellis
Miss R. Ellis
Miss Ida Exely
Robert Ewart
Mr. and Mrs Ferriah
Mrs. Eva Finch
Mrs. Fish and infant
Miss Irene Fish
Miss Marion Fish
A. R. Foley
C. N. Foss
Francis Fox
Mrs. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman
Miss Freweuow
Samuel Friman
John N. Fulton
Mrs. Jeanie Fyfe
the Rev. H. L. Gwyer
Mrs. H. L. Gwyer
James H. Haigan
W. R. Haldane
Miss Elizabeth E. Hampshire
J. A. Hanes
Samuel Hanson
Mrs. Hanson
Miss E. Hardy
Miss Bessie Hare
Alexander Harkins
R. Harris
H. K. Harrison
James Harrison
Mrs. Margaret Hastings
Robert Heldon
Mrs. Robert Heldon
Master Huntier Henderson
Mrs. H. R. Henderson
R. L. Hendrickson
E. G. Honn
Mrs. Honn
Mrs. Florence Herkott
Miss Higginbottam
W. Shenter Hill
R. Hill
Mrs. M. Henshaw and infant
Mr. Hirans
Mrs. E. Hogg
L. B. S. Holborn
Mrs. H. L. Holland
William Homewood
Miss A. Hopkins
Miss K. Hopkins
D. . Hopkins
Mrs. E. Horton
M. A. Hoskins
Edgar Housnell
Fred Hubbard
Miss Mary A. Hume
H. G. Humphreys
Miss Isabella Hunt
Miss G. Hunt
Miss Nellie Husted
William E. Inch
Issac Jackson
P. C. Jones
Mr. Jones
W. G. Jones
I. T. Jones
Mrs. Ellen Jones and infant
Miss Gwendolyn Jones
F. S. Judson
Miss A. M. Kaltenbach
Mrs. James Kay
Master Robert Kay
Miss Catherine Kaye
Miss Margaret S. Kelly
Miss Margaret Kennedy
Miss Mary Kenney
Mrs. Frances King
William Kinch

Owen Ladd
James Lancy
Frank Lancaster
G. S. Lane
Mrs. Mary Lambie
Miss Elizabeth Lambie
Miss Mary Lambie
Miss A. Lancaster
Miss D. Lancaster
E. H. Lauder
A. Longdin
Mrs. A. Longdin
Miss Larkin
Sidrae Lawerson
Edward Lawerson
Mrs. Edward Lawerson
Miss Lawrence
Miss Catherine M. Eieriold
Mrs. R. T. Leverich
Miss R. P. Leviech
W. Lewis
Miss Edith Lewis
S. L. B. Lines
Mrs. Lines
R. L. Liklet
Mrs. Margaret Little and infant
R. Lohden
Miss Elsie Lohden
Miss Clara Lohden
Miss Mary Lovett
Daniel Loymd
Mrs. Loymd
F. J. Lucas

Henry McAvoy
Miss Margaret McClinrock
James A. McColin
Mrs. Elizabeth McCorkindale and infant
Master Duncan
Miss Bessie McClay
Dr. McCready
Miss Kate McDonnell
Hugh McFa?den
Miss Matie McGovern
Patrick McGinley
A. Mc?roy
Mrs. McKinnon
Miss Grace M. MacFarquher
Mrs. M. McGregor
Mrs. Elizabeth McKetcham and infant
Master James McDitcham
Miss Sarah McLeilan
Myles McPartim
A. L. MacGreagor
Mrs. J. Mackey
J. Mackey
H. Mackey
Mr. and Mrs A. R. Mainman
J. V. Maiman
A. S. Mainman
Miss Nelly Mainman
A. S. Mainman
Miss Nelly Mainman
Miss Eliza Mainman
Master Edwin Mainman
Miss Margaret Molloy
Miss Ada Manby
J. F. Marichael
Master Maurice Marichael
Charles Marin
Miss R. Martin
Mrs. M. E. Mathewson and infant
R. Mathews
Mrs. R. Mathews
Miss M. Maycock
Miss Isabella Menzigs
Uno Marithina
Ella Middlemast
F. J. Milford
A. J. Mitchell
Mrs. Mitchell and infant
R. Moffat
Mrs. Moody
Miss Moody
John Moore
Mr. Moore
D. V. Moore
Edwin Moore
the Rev. H. C. S. Morris
Mrs. G. Murray

Theodore Natach
Mrs. Naisch
Miss Freda Neatby
Henry E. Nedham
Henry Neilson
Mrs. Henry Neilson
Charles R. Neilson
Abraham Neimark
Albert Nevilie
Master Charles Nevilie
Mrs. Nevilie
Miss Evelyn Nevilie
Miss Muriel Nevilie
C. D. Nicholson
George Nicoli
Miss Mary F. Nocil
Robert Norman
Miss Olive North
T. Robert O'Brien
Patrick O'Donnell
Mrs. Butler O'Brien
Patrick O'Donnell
Mrs. Hubart Owens
Andrew Page
Albert Palmer
Mrs. Albert Palmer
F. A. Parlimer
Mrs. Frank Patrick
Miss L. Pavey

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We're all anxious to find our ancestors - and find them fast! These records may help you find a brick-wall ancestor easily and from the comfort of your computer chair.

Try a Find Death Records on Ancestors at RestAncestry Free Trial Ancestry has more genealogy records than any site on the net and they often have free trials and special promotions.
Find Death Records on Ancestors at Rest Genealogy Today Lots of unique one of a kind genealogy databases

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If you have a transcription or a photo of death records (cemetery listings, funeral cards, death cards, coffin plates, church records etc) help build this database by submitting your death records

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Coffin plates often contain birth and death dates, and sometimes the place of birth or the occupation of a deceased person.

While not technically a true vital record, coffin plates can be seen as a substitute for vital records or at the least a good clue. In the case of people who died before civil registration it might be one of the few written records genealogists will find in their hunt for that brick wall ancestor!

If you want to know more about what things qualify as a true Vital Records there is a good article at the Olive Tree.

Remember when searching for Coffin Plates on the net they are sometimes referred to as Coffin Plaques, Casket plates or Casket Plaques.

death Record on coffin plate

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Ancestors At Rest reminds you that when looking for death records for your family tree online to be careful when spelling interment. It's not intermet, internment, inturnment or internmet. Another common one is cemetery, not cemetary or cematary.

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