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Monumental Inscriptions, Belfast Charitable Institution Burying Ground, Belfast Co. of Antrim. Province of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Erected by James Andrew, Solicitor, Belfast to his first wife
Isabella A. died 29th Sept. 1854,
his son James Andrew Junior died 4 July 1864 aged 30,
his grandson George Edward Andrew died Sept 1865 age 3,
eldest daughter Anna Robertson died 11 Sept. 1905 aged 7,.
also above James Andrew, Solicitor died 29 Nov. 1875 aged 75,
his 2nd daughter Fanny died 30 Nov. 1801 aged 72.

Arthur Crawford died 14 Dec. 1852 aged 58, also his wife
Jane died 11 January 1885.

Arthur Reid died 2 January 1854 aged 66,
Ellen relict of Arthur Reid died 19 Nov. 1867,
his son Arthur Reid died 25 March 1879,
also Andrew Reid eldest son died 11 Aug. 1893.
Youngest daughter Isabella Reid died 3 March 1905
last surviving daug. Ellen Reid died 10 June 1910,
James Reid died 3 March 1872, his wife Selina died 25 May 1865,
son Arthur died 21 July 1866,
eldest daughter Anne Selina died 3 Nov. 1926.

Mary H. Charters wife of John Charters died 9 March 1853,
James B Charters son of Mary and John C. died 8 January 1849,
John Charters Junior died 26 Sept. 1865 aged 40,
John Charters died 13 August 1874 aged 78,
Anna Boomer Charters died 14 July 1891 aged 69 years.

Joseph Bristow, son of James Bristow, Banker died 22 April 1844 aged 12,
Letitia died 4 March, 1852 aged 28,
Also Jane, otherwise Smith, his wife died 24 June 1865 aged 65.

Mary, daughter of James Thompson, Coleraine Surgeon died 26 Nov. 1846,
aged 75.
Samuel Smith Thompson of Belfast M.D. and Jane Thompson of Coleraine
died 30 April 1849 aged 71.
Anne daughter of James Thompson died 13 August 1849 88 years old.
Also Joseph Bristow, Belfast Banker died 26 Sept 1858 aged 63

David McTear, Hazelbank died 1840 aged 84.
wife Elizabeth died 1836 aged 71 yrs
son George died 1871 aged 74 yrs.
Margaret wife of George died 1861 aged 54 yrs.
Also their children Elizabeth Anne died 1854 aged 13.

Isabella Major, daughter of Thomas Major, Sydenham died 27 June, 1862
aged 21 yrs.
Also William Henry Major his son, Lieut. S. Fusiliers died 16 Sept. 1868 aged
25 yrs.
Also Agnes wife of Thomas of Sydenham died 27 Dec. 1875.
Thomas Major died 29 Sept. 1881.

Adam Dickey (?) of Belfast - formerly of Hollybrook, Antrim died 25 nov.
MDCCCLXIV aged 70. His remains were afterwards removed to Borough

Samuel Gibson Kelso died 13 March 1817 aged 52
Mary, daughter of John Barnett Kelso and wife of Rev. R Wilson died 9 March
1857 2 days after death of he infant child.

John Taylor wife of William Taylor, cabinet maker died 9 May 1811 laid here.

John Barnett late of Belfast formerly of Ballyacherty Co. Down died 19 March
1835 also Jane Gibson wife of John Barnett died 13 March 1864 aged 95.
James Barnett son of above died 26 March 1861 aged 65.
Eliza his wife died 23 Sept. 1859aged 55.
also and infant son of John Barnett and 3 grandchildren lie here.
James Montgomery, Wolf Hill Son-in-law to John Barnett died 2 Dec. 1877
aged 67.
Anna Barnett wife of James Montgomery died 3 June 1891 aged 78 years.

Erected to memory of Henry Cavart
Jane Cavart his daughter died 26 Sept. 1809 aged 20
Henry Cavart his son Died 16 March 1821 aged 27.
John Cavart his son died 16 March 1821 aged 27.
Isabella Jane Cavart daughter of John died 18 March 1822 aged 10 months.
Ann Logan sister to Henry died 21 Sept. 1826 aged 83
Isabella wife of Henry died 26 Aug. 1841 aged 83.

James Montgomery, surgeon dd. 4 Dec. 1840 aged 89.
Mary Ann Montgomery dd. 1 Dec. 1824 aged 42.
Elizabeth Montgomery dd. 25 Dec. 1823 aged 72.
Hugh Montgomery dd. 30 March 1816 aged 11.
Elizabeth Montgomery dd. 27 May 1830 aged 17.
Maria Montgomery dd. 31 Aug. 1833 aged 32.
William Montgomery died at New Orleans 17 Sept. 1837 aged 27.
James Montgomery died at Calcutta 12 May 1850 age 47 also his daughter
Mary Ann and Maria died 1831 aged 3 and 41/2
also his brothers Robert and Robert Graham Montgomerydied in infacny
1811, 1816.

(2) Mary Georgina Finlay died 16 Nov. 1852.
Francis Dalzell Finlay born 12 July 1795 dd. 10 Sept. 1857 age 61.
Marianne, his wife dd. Oct. 1866 aged 58 also their children.
(1) Sinclair Finlay died ?? 21 months old. (other names worn out)

Erected by James Vint to his father William Vint died 3 March 1848 aged 51.
Elizabeth V, wife of Wm. Vint dd. 4 Nov. 1845 aged 59.
William brother of James dd. 9 April 1851 aged 33.
Anne, sister of James dd. April 1848 aged 43 or 13?Elizabeth died July
1845 aged 24 ? Robert son of James dd. 27 March 1848 aged 17.
Above James Vint died 8 July 1863 aged 35.

John Allen died 21 Sept. 1821 aged 13.

Jane Briggs, wife of Robert Briggs, dd 9 Sept. 1813.

R. Saldbeck Esq. Rathfarnham (?) in Queen's County died 28 January 1817
in his 15 year.

Margaret, wife of John Heyland, officer of Excise died 26 Nov. 1822 aged 64.
Elizabeth Ann daug. dd. 21 Feb. 1813 aged 23.
Also John (above)dd. 12 March 1831 aged 79
Frances, youngest daug. dd. 24 April 1835 aged 29.

By Richard Aiken to his son Thomas dd. 16 Oct. 1847 aged 10 son,
Richard dd, 29 April 1849 aged 4. above Richard Aiken dd 24 July 1852 aged
Mary Aiken daug. dd. 13 January 1854 aged 4.
Ann Aiken wife of above Richard dd. 29 Feb. 1885 aged 69.
their son William dd. 9 January 1917 in his 76 year.

Erected by Elizabeth Sarah Hodgkinson to her sister Maria Jan McNabb,
daug. of late Geo. Hodgkinson of Lisburn died 16 Sept. 1828 aged 44

Ann Jane Worthington dd. 23 Sept. 1853 aged 56.

Erected to Gilbert Adams of Belfast dd. 10 July 1818 aged 56.

Erected by Alex Moore to his wife Isabella who died 16 July 1843, aged 32
and 3 children - Margaret Eliza dd. 18 Nov. 1836 aged 13 months,
Thomas George dd. 3 June 1837 aged 3 years Isabella died in infancy.
John Allen, son dd. 26 Dec. 1846 aged 8 moths 7 days.

George Vance, son of Wm. Vance dd. 26 January 1828 aged 13.

Matilda Dickson, grand-daug. dd. 20 Sept. 1845 aged 12.
Sarah, wife of Hugh McKibben, dd. 27 Dec. 1859 aged 77.
Sarah, daug. dd. 13 May 1863 aged 52.
Robert, son dd. 20 July 1869 aged 54.
Anna Gamble daug. dd. 5 May 1871 aged 53.

William Dawson, Junior, dd. 29 March 1811 in 21 year.
William Dawson, Senior, dd 15 January 1834 aged 76.
Marth, wife, dd. 30 May 1835 aged 82.
Samuel Dawson, his brother, dd. 15 March 1837 aged 75.
Margaret, daug. of above Wm. Dawson dd. 11 March 1863.
Isabella Ellen, daug. of above Wm. Dawson dd. 31 January 1871.

John McCormick, died 11 Aug. 1884 aged 88.

Elizabeth Ekanhead, of Lisburg, Co. Antrim dd. 5 January 1810 aged 55.
John Ekanhead, her husband, dd. 8 Aug. 1828 aged 78.
Mary, his daug. and relict of late Wm. Dummett, Esq. of Crewkarna died
11, Feb 1879 aged 98.

Lititia Kingan, daug. of Mary Kingan died 3 June, 1857 aged 29.
Also above Mary Kingan dd. 19 February 1865, aged 57.

Erected by Wm. Patterson to his children Margaret 2 years, James 3 yrs.,
Ann 2 yrs. ?
Margaret 1855, Mary Ann 1869 aged 81/2
Martha, daug-in-law dd. 26 March1851 aged 66.

Erected by Thomas Chirmside to his Mother Ann died 5 Nov. 1818 ages 59.
son Thomas dd. 9 Aug. 1826 aged 18 months.
wife Mary dd. 9 Sept. 1831 ages 51.
Martha McClelland daug. of above dd 21 May 1873
Thoma, (above) dd. 12 Nov. 1875 in his 85 year.
Hugh Mcclelland, husband of Martha dd. 19 January 1891 aged 68
Hugh McClelland son of above dd.16 Aug. 1896 aged 33.
Annie M. Chirmside born 3 March 1826 dd 21 Dec. 1900
Mary Chirmside, youngest daug. of above Thomas Chirmside born 8 Aug. 1832
died 2 May 1912.

John Griffith dd. 4 July 1826 aged 54 also 3 of his children died in infancy.
Hannah his wife dd. 7 Feb. 1833 aged 49, her son Samuel dd. 27 Oct. 1834 aged 27

Erected by Sarah McDowell to her husband John McDowell of Sarahfield, Co.Down
dd. 6 Dec. 1830 aged 78 above Sarah McDowell died at Glasgow
15 March 1824 aged 34.
Margaret Kerr, their faithful servant for 40 years died at Ballyholme 18 July 1878
aged 80.

Anna Maria Eagleson dd. at Clynm Park, Carrickfergus, 15 June 1875 wife of late
Richard Eagleson Esq.
Margaret Eagleson dd. at Cannes, France 18 Nov 1864, and Anna Maria Moore wife
of Nevin Moore M.D. died at Ballymoney 16 Oct. 1873.

Robert Gamble, son of Robert Gamble died 15 June 18-- aged 22.

Robert Moreland, son of Thos. Moreland dd. 21 May 1828 aged 2 1/2.

James Crossen, dd. 17 April 1813 aged 28 also 2 of William Crossen's children.
John, 1 year 9 months, Ann 3 months.

James Magee of Belfast and Parish of Holywood died 6 Feb. 1714 aged 80 years
James Magee, Merchant of Belfast, son of James of Holywood died Jan. 1703 aged

Burying Place of Henry Greer of King St. Belfast.

Walter Crawford, husband of Margaret Crawford died 1 may 1812 in 57 year.
Margaret Crawford, (above) dd. 22 April 1845 ?- 3 years.

Erected by Edword Cribben to his grandmother and uncle, Ann and Robert Wirling -
former died 9 May 1810 aged 80, latter died 6 March 1825 aged 65. also
Edword Gribben, M.D. dd. 24 May 1888 aged 70, his son Edword, dd. 11 June
1873 aged 4.

John Finlay, son of Usher Finlay of Belfast died 24 Aug. 1825 in his 27 year.
Eleanor, durg. of Usher dd. 19 April 1819 aged 27.

Erected to our Parents John Chambers dd. 8 Feb. 1899 aged 59.
Elizabeth chambers dd. 19 Aug. 1898 aged 52 also Annie Finlay, Grandmother, dd.
16 Nov. 1863, aged 39.

James Ireland, dd. 26 April 1837 aged 35.
David his son, dd. 22 Nov. 1831 aged 3.
James Ireland, Junior dd. 13 May 1845
Wm Thos., Ireland dd. 16 June 1847
Anne Ireland dd. 20 Sept. 1881 aged 48
Arichibald McFadden dd. 6 April 1811 Aged 45
Ann McFadden, daug. - died in infancy
Isabella Halliday, eldest daug. of above died 14 June 1862 aged 65

Hugh Moere died 5 January 1981 aged 63
Elizabeth, his wife dd. 27 Oct. 1909 aged 70
Hugh, their son, dd. 16 May 1873 aged 3 1/2 months

Erected by their children, Isa, William and Jackson.
Mary Anderson, mother of James Anderson died 19 Sept. 1854, aged 50

Alice York, of County Derry, dd. Sept. 18 1854.
Erected by Mrs. Cochrans. also the remains of the latter Alice Sophia Cochrane,
dd. 6 Sept. 1879 and interred here.

William Munce dd. 25th Aug. 1875
Anne Munce, his wife, dd. 15 Aug. 1852 Aged 42

Ann Masterson, wife of Samuel Stephens dd. 29 Sept. 1866 aged 67

Ellen Boyd, wife of Samuel Boyd, dd. 7 march 1856 aged 56
John their son, who died 14 Feb 1852 aged 28 also three of their children who died
in early life.
Eleanor Coburn, their daughter dd. 20 Oct. 1857 aged 21
Thomas Rowell, died 26 Sept. 1861
Mary Jane McClinton, died 18 Aug. 1897

Helen Anderson, wife of John C Anderson died 23 Sept 1849 also
John Crossley Anderson, died 22 Sept 1888
Jane Montgomerie, his wife, dd. 26 Feb. 1915 also their children Alfred, Annie,

Mary Craig, dd. 1 May 1828 in her 74 year.
Stewart B. Craig dd. 12 May 1828 aged 78
Mary Burrows, daug. dd. 29 Feb. 1864 in her 73 year.
Martha Craig, dd. 6 May 1879 aged 92.

*(Thanks to Diana and Jeanne for this database)*

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