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Fairmount cemetery is located in Union Township northern Auglaize County, Ohio.

This is a list of names that you will find in this cemetery.

Able, Acheson, Alexander, Ambos, Anderson, Andrews, Anthony, Archer, Ash, Ashburn,Baber Bacome Baeumel Bailey Bains Baker Baney Barber Barrett Bartley Barton Basil Baughman Baumgardner Bayliff Beaver Bechdolt Beech Beer Beery Bell Bennett Benson Berkbile Berry Bertram Bethers Bice Biddinger Biederman Bielstein Biglow Billger Binkley Bitler Black Blain Blank Bodell Boise Bomgardner Bondurant Bosh Bowdle Bowers Bowersock Brackney Brentlinger Bresler Brewer Brock Brockert Brown Brownell Bryan Bryant Buchanan Buffenbarger Burden Burgess Burgoon Butler Cable Camblin Campbell Carnes Carter Caseldine Chapman Childs Chiles Clark Clarke Claybaugh Clingerman Coate Cochran Cole Coleman Comer Congdon Conkle Conner Conrad Millie Cook, Chandler Cook, Coon, Copeland, Core, Cowan, Cox, Coyle, Crabb, Craft, Crawford, Critchfield Crossley Crouse Cumming Cummings Curtis Cusick Daugh Davis Davisson Dawson DeCamp Decker Delong Denig Deweese Dickson Dillon Doner Dorsten Doty Dowing Downing Dudgeon Dunbar Duncan Dunlap Dupler Duvall Earl East Eaton Eberle Ebling Edminston Edmiston Eisley Elliott Elsass Emrick Erb Erskine Erwin Ewing Failor Faler Falkner Faulkner Ferguson Fess Fessler Few Finlaw Finn Fisher Fleming Flinn Focht Foght Foltz Forbes Fox Franklin Franks Frasier Frazier Frese, Freymuth, Frideger, Fridley, Frier, Frymyer, Fugatt, Fuller, Garland, Garrett, Gesler Giberson Giel Gierhart Giffin Gilmer Gilmore Gilroy Golden Good Gordon Gossard Gould Graessle Graham Grant Grimes Gross Grover Guthrie Guy Hackworth Hand Harden Hardesty Hardin Harps Harrod Harruff Hartung Hattery Hawkins Hayes Haywood Heffner Hefner Henderson Hendricks Hendrickson Hentze Hern Herndon Hester Hetzler Hitchcock Hitchen Hitzeman Hobbs Holland Honert Horman Horn Hoskins Houser Howe Howell Hower Huffer Hughes Hull Hunt Hurlburt Hurley Hutchinson Huttis Hutton Hux Jacobs James Jenkins Jett Johnson Jolley Jones Jordan Judy Justice Kaiser Kampmann Kauffman Keeling Keith Kent Kerns Kerr Keuthan Kinninger Kinstle Kirkland Kiser Klingaman Knapp Knotts Knutzen Kohler Konst, Kramer, Krebs, Krites, Kugel, Kunkleman, Laird, Lane, Lanning, Laudick, Lawles, Laycock, Layton, Lea, Leach, Leatherman, Lee Lehman, Lepley, Enos Lhamon, Lyle Lhamon, Margaret Lhamon, Curtis Lhamon, Benjamin Lhamon, Effie C. Lhamon, Russel b. Lhamon, Goldie M. Lhamon, Ralph Lhamon, Daisy Lhamon, James H. Lhamon, Sarah Lhamon, Corwin Lhamon, Nancy A. Lhamon, Daniel F. Lhamon,Abraham Lhamon, Elizabeth Lhamon, Geroge Lhamon, Sarah Lhamon, Agnus Lhamon, James M. Lhamon, Eldoreta Lhamon, Denmon Lhamon, Ureanne Lhamon, Annabell Lhamon, Sylvia H. Lhamon, Ferris D. Lhamon, Linders, Line Lippincott Locke Loegel,Logan, Lones, Long Lontz Lowe Lowry Lusk Lytle Macdonald Macher Marriott Marshall Martin Mason Matthews Mauk Mayhugh Mc Beth McAvoy, McCabe, McClain, McCormack, McCormick, McCreight, McDougle McElroy McGinnis McKercher McKinney McKivison McLean McOwen McPheron Meijer Merriman Merschman Mertz Metz Metzger, Meyers, Rosetta Miller, M. Calvin Miller, Miner, Mix, Monroe, Montague, Moore, Morningstar, Morrice, Morris, Mosier, Moss, Motter Mowery Mowry Mullins Murphy Murray Musser Myers Naas Nange Naus Naylor Neeley Nesbitt Neville Newport Numbers Oakley Oakly Ohler Oliver Omlor Opperman Opperman Rehn Orr Owsley Pack Park Parlett Parlette Patton Pence Pepper Pepple Perkins Pester Peters Petree Phillips Phipps Pinnick Whetstone Place Plapp Plough Plummer Poole Porter Potter Pressner Preston Rabe Rader Ranck Randall Rash Rayburn Ream Red Rehm Reinhart Rex Rice Ridley Rimer Rinehart Ritchey Ritchie Rizor Roach Robbins Robinson Roby Rockwell Rodman Rogers Rogers Nee Perkins Rolston Rose Ross Rousculp Roy Rudd Ruhlen Rumer Saddler Sandlin Satterfield Saunders Schaffer Schmidt Schneider Scholfield Schooler Schouten Schroyer Schultz Schwartz Scott Seaman Seifert Seigel Seitz Sellers Selover Sexton Shade Shaeffer Shaffer Shaner Shaw Sheipline Shields Shimp Shockey Shoffstall Shultz Shuman Sibert Sidener Sigel Sigler Simpkins Simpko Smith Sneary Snider Snyder Sosby Spain Spees Spencer Stalnaker Stamats Stant Stevens Stevenson Stiles Stockton Stoner Stotts Straker Strausburg Strawser Stroh Stubbs Stumm Styer Sullivan Summersett Sumney Sutherland Sutter Swartz Swick Tally Talmage Taylor Tebo Thomas Thompson Thorpe Thrush Tippie Todd Tullis Tully Tussing Umbaugh Unger Valenti Vermillion Volbert Vollbrecht Wade Waggoner Wagner Waitman Walk Walls Walters Walton Ward Warnock Watt Wauben Weaver Webb Welch, Wells, Westbrook, Whetstone, Whisman, White, Wical, Wicker, Wildermuth, Wilgus Williams, Wilson, Wimer, Winegardner, Winkle, Wireman, Wiswell, Wolf, Wolfe, Wonnell, Wood, Wooddell, Woods, Woodworth, Wren, Yale, Yehnert, Yocum, Young, Zeits, Zentz.

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Ancestors At Rest reminds you that when looking for death records for your family tree online to be careful when spelling interment. It's not intermet, internment, inturnment or internmet. Another common one is cemetery, not cemetary or cematary.

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