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Free Death Records on Graves in the New Forsyth Cemetery, Forsyth, Taney County, Missouri

The New Forsyth Cemetery is Located 1.5 miles South of Forsyth, Mo. on Highway 160

Adams. E. Wilton, 24 May 1902-23 Mar.1936
Earl C., 21 Oct. 1911-16 May 1930
Susan D., 7 April 1869-25 Nov. 1947
William R., 11 Jan. 1866-29 April 1937

Andrews, Alfhild Martha, b. 24 June 1883, d._______
William L., 14 April 1874-15 Mar. 1939

Awbery, Emmer J., 16 Sept. 1863- 28 Aug. 1939
J. R., 5 May 1861-5 Sept. 1944

Bagley, Lula, 29 July 1876-26 Sept. 1828, wife of W. W. Manes

Baldwin, Carl Earl, 2 May 1909-26 Oct. 1963, Mo. Sgt.1861 Service Comd. Unit WW II
Dorinda E., 1 Oct. 1890-1964?
Eliza Lee, 13 Mar, 1887-7 May 1861

Bell, Bobby, 7 May 1928-26-Sept. 1928
Rosa J., b. 15 Aug. 1892-d. -____,wife of William O.
William O., 11 Apr. 1854-5 Feb. 1930

Bierig, Infant, b& d. 15 Jan. 1931, dau. of A.& B.

Bookout, Louisa Lee, 6 Aug. 1927-17 of Aug.1929

Breedon, Charlie, 24. Jan. 1876-16 Mar. 1950
Mary J., b.2 Mar. 1882-d________

Burns, Elizabeth, W., 1866-1930
John C., 1861-1949

Chaney, Charles D., 15 Nov. 1885-22 June 1942
Eliza A., 4 Aug. 1887- d._______
Oleta, 18 Apr. 1917-2 June 1942, wife of Ralph
Orville L., 18 July 1924-17 April 1954, Mo. Pvt. Co. C. 508 Parachute Inf. WWII
Ownice W., Mo. Staff Sgt. 19 Inf.WWII
Ownice W., 11 Sept. 1917-14 June 1945
Ralph, 7 July 1915-22 Oct. 1949
Roy C., 21 Mar. 1908-12 Dec. 1931

Conley, Charles E., 30 Jan. 1883-8 Jan 1964

Cornelison, J. T., 27 June 27 1836      only date

Coulter, Archie H., 1894-1954
Lucy V., 1871-1946
Mary A., b. 1894-d._______
Sam H., 1858-1942
Francis, 1835-1928

Davis, Infant, 11 Nov.1878-6 Jan-1879, dau, of J. L. & Jane
James L., 25 Feb. 1881-1 June 1898
Day, J.L. Daunt, 11 Sept. 1875-23 Mar. 1963
Katie, 22 Feb.1872-7 July 1952
Margus Joe, 14 Jan. 1913-8 July 1933

Dennison, Sergt. H. C., Co. L 16 Kans Cav.

Dressler, Elizabeth Ann, 22 Aug. 1932-16 Sept. 1932
Myrl J., 1892-1937

Dunigan, Rhoda, 14 Aug. 1865-20  May 1949

Embrey, Annie, 1876-1947
Will, 1871-1938

Everett, Ethel, 9 Oct.  1891-29 Jan. 1951
J. E., 27 June 1882-17 Sept. 1946

Everett, Leo Bryon, 8 Oct. 1913-3 Dec. 1932

Bubank, Mary E., 1862-1938

Fine, Beverly Jean, 1933 Infant

Frost, Etta May, 4 May 1882-9 Nov.1946
Robert, 16 Mar.1873-30 April 1942

Foster, Wm. Co. F. 14 Mo. Cav.
Gard, Lucinda B., 1864-19____, OES emblem
Samuel E., 1864-1931 Masonic Emblem

Gillis , Lillian R., 12 Jan. 1924-17 Sept. 1929

Gladson, Alice, 30 Nov. 1899-13 May 1907, dau of J.F. & Susie
J. F., 9 Aug. 1861-17 Feb. 1900
Jno. S., 20 Sept. 1825-8 Feb.1876

Green, Maude E., 15 Sept, 1858- 3 April 1900

Griffith, Mae L., 1897-1944
Nettie K., 21 Oct. 1912

Hall, Elmer, 12 May 1903-22 Aug. 1925

Minnie, J., 9 April 1884-30 Oct. 1927

Haworth, J. M., 6 April 1835-1 Oct,1903
John H., 1850-1942
Jordan F., 7 Aug. 1865-7 Aug.1870, son of B.F.& J.A.
M. G., 1858-1915
Mary D., 21 Mar. 1838- 30 Jan. 1899, wife of J. M.R
Rebecca, 27 May 1829-29 Feb.1876
Verona G.,  1924-1941

Hicks, Edna Chaney, 29 Oct. 1906- 6 June 1931

Hutchings, Della V., 1895-1935, wife of L. D.
L.D., 1894-1944

Jenkins, Forest, 1892-1944

Jennings, Francis G.,2 May 1896-17 July 1918, Killed in France, Co. E. 7 Inf. USA
Jennings, Lue C., 17 Jan. 1858-31 Aug. 1920
Ruth M., 5 Nov. 1853-6 Jan.1881, wife of J. M.

Johnson, Ben F., 1848-1906
Martha A., 27 Jan. 1867-23 May 1928, wife of U. G.
Mary E., 1848-1935
Rev. U. G., 20 Aug. 1865-1 May 1952

Jones, Enoch, J., 1843-1925

Kaneaster, E. L.,   no dates
Geo., 22 Feb. 1876-16 Jan. 1928
Nellie, 1879-1959

Kenyon, Albert, 13 Sept. 1917-13 Sept.1917
Beatrice. 30 Oct. 1921-13 Feb. 1922
Lulu, 1889-1961
William, 1884-1959
Kingrey, Eva, 1840-1932
William, 1838-1921

Kinyon, Billy Frank, 1957-1959

Laff, Bertha,  22 Jan. 1880-28 Nov.1881, dau. of G. W. and M. E.
Matilda E., 9 Nov. 1858-12 Dec. 1880, wife of G.W.

Leathers, A. D., 25 Oct. 1868-11 Sept.1898, son of J. M. and P.P.
Etta, 12 May 1874-26 Sept. 1929, wife of Gus O. Allen, dau. of B. f. and M. E. Johnson

Linkous, Flora, 12 Nov. 1878-25 June 1899, dau. of J. P. and L. M.

McCALL, James, Co. G. 2 Wisc. Cav.

McCann, Edwin L., 7 Oct. 1916-19 Aug. 1917

McConkey, D. F., 29 July 1861-12 July 1932
Francis, L., b.1901-d._________
Katie l., 1866-1956 DAR marker

McMANUS, Bailey,  1899-1961

Manes, Lula Bagley, 29 July 1876-26 Sept.1928
Sammy Lee, 31 May1923-18 April 1926 dau.of Mr.and Mrs. L. B.
W. M., 30 Nov.1872-1956

Mitchell, Dospa Ann, 9 Jan-1881-23 Sept.1883 dau. of W.T. and S. J.

Moore, Addie R., 7 Nov. 1864- d.______
Betty S., 30 Sept. 1885-8 Sept. 1886, dau. of J. T. and Betty
E. Darrell, 17 Oct.1941-20 Oct. 1941
Elizabeth J. Wilson, 16 Sept. 1846-30 Dec. 1923., wife of Isaac Moore
Gertie M., 30 of Sept. 1885-1 Oct 1887, dau. of J. T. and Betty
Harry J., 1 May 1897-23 Nov. 1925.
Isaac, 29 Oct.1846-2 May 1925
Joseph Milton, 15 May 1856-9 June 1937
Juliana F., 19 Feb. 1840-27 May 1859, wife of W. E.
Lydia, 2 June 1813-16 May 1868
Margaret Jane, 16 Oct. 1862-1 Mar.1935
Martha E., 1879-19____
Mary Alice, d. 5 Sept. 1870, dau. of Isaac & E. J.
Mary J., 14 June 1848-9 Mar. 1877, wife of  M. H.
Milton H., 26 Aug. 1837-25 Mar. 1879
Nellie May, 26 Feb. 1877-1 Aug. 1877, dau. of M.H. & M. J.
Robert Ernest, d. 30 Oct. 1953 ae 75y 2m
William P., 6 Oct 1869-23 Feb 1943

Parrish, A. Link, 7 Nov.1863-4 Feb.1940
Barnet., 13 Sept. 1818-25 Nov. 1901
Edeth, 10 Apr.1895-30 Aug,1895. dau. of A.L. & M.E.
Eveh, 10 Apr. 1895-21 Nov. 1895, dau. of A.L. & M.E.
Mary E., b.24 May 1874-d._________
Oscar, 19 Dec. 1891-15  May 1948, Mo. Pvt. 350 Inf. Div. WW II
R. J. , 7 July 1856-5 Mar. 1896

Pickett, G., 27 April 1913-9 Oct .1913
Twins, b.& d. 1 Mar. 1912
Twins, 7 Sept.1928   only date
Lula F., 1891-1924
Queen, Marrel M., 7 Mar. 1885-6 July 1938
Matilda E., 1 Sept. 1842-3 July 1940

Ray, Belinda S., 16 Oct. 1868-7 Feb. OES & Rebecca's emblems
Granville L., 27 Dec. 1898-12 June 1926  USN
John H., 6 Aug. 1870-3 July 1947  IOOF Emblem
J. L., 28 July 1888-27 Dec. 1940
Walter H., 10  Aug. 1902-19 Apr. 1929

Richey, Albert Brice, 1859-1935
Margaret Smith, 1863-1947 , DAR Marker

Root, Geo. E., 25 Dec. 1890-3 June 1936, Masonic Emblem

Rose, Etta E., 25 Nov.1891-28 Sept.1894
James B., 1869-19______
Orilda, 1870-1945

Sharp, Bertie, b.1873-d.______, wife of Charles Bruce Sharp
Charles Bruce, 1854-1935

Shoat, Isom, 19 Nov. 1802-31 Jan.1877
Rebecca, 10 Mar. 1806-10 Mar. 1851, wife of Isom

Simmons, James Ray, 28 Nov.1912-8 July 1933
W. Henry, 18 Nov. 1844-25 Sept. 1962

Slifer, Emma I.,  1873-1948
John A., 1869-1930

Smith, Alma, 1927-1960

Snapp, James Madison, 30 Apr. 1877-20 Feb. 1883, son of R.G.& L.A.
Josie E., 25 Aug, 1899-14 Sept. 1899, dau of S.L. & L.C.
Lilley C., 1879-19_____
Lydia Ann, 30 June 1850-16 Jan. 1941
Robert G., 5 Apr.1850-22 Oct.1903
Samuel L., 1875-1942

Stacy, Alfred, d.24 Oct., ae  52 y

Stallcup, Mary..b.1818, d.

Stallcup, Owen. L.. 1877-1839

Steely, John, 5 Nov. 1806-27 Dec. 1886
Margaret, 8 Dec. 1818-12 Oct, 1886

Stoup, Sintha J., d.19 Dec.1880 ae 61y 7m 22d, wife of J. B.

Thurmon, Anna, 1891-1965
Colonel D., 10 Sept. 1893-16 Sept. 1893, son of G. and Elizabeth
David, I Oct. 1876-1 Nov. 1876, son of J. G. and Pheby
Elizabeth, 17 Apr. 1861-20 Jan. Wife of J. G.
Ernest H., 8 S Sept. 1895-10 Dec. 1895, son of  J.G. and A.E.
Frances, 23 Oct. 1864-Dec. 1880, Dau. of J. G. and A. M.
Infant, 18 Aug. 1903- 8 Sept. 1903, Child of J. G. & A. E.
J. G., 24 Aug.1842- 20 Feb. 1915
James G., 15 Feb, 1897-16 May 1897, son of J. G. and A.E.
James Paul, 20 Sept. 1925-6 April 1931
Lydia A., 11 Aug. 1899-27 Mar. 1929
Loney E., 22 Jan.1899-14 Feb. 1899,son of J. G. and A. E.
Martha, 16 Mar. 1862-19 Apr. 1867, dau. of J. G. and Pheby
Pheby, 18 April 1844-17 Aug.1878, wife of J. G.
Virginia May, 26 Oct. 1931- 23 May 1948
William F., 16 Apr. 1874- 16 Oct.1874,son of J. G. and Pheby
Winnie, Jan. 1900-- 30 Oct. 1900, dau of J. G. & A.E.

Wade. Charles, d. 9 Mar. 1878 ae 11 mo, 1d, son of P. C. and Lucinda.
Infant, 29 Feb. 1880-3 Mar. 1880, son of P.C. and  Lucinda

Walker, Lafayette G.,1861-1940
Mary E., 1856- 1937

Wheeler, Samuel J., 1 April 1882- 1 May 1932

Williams, G. A., 23 Sept. 1894-30 Jan.1906
Georgia A.,, 1873-1942
John G., 1871-1942
Mabel, 1875-1948
Russell L., 22 Nov. 1929 Only date, Mo. Pvt. Hospital Corps.

Wilson, Elizabeth J., 16 Sept. 1846-30 Dec. 1923
Leslie, 27 Mar. 1847-26 July 1819
Matilda J., 3 May 1851- 29 Nov. 1935

Wood, W. M., 10 Aug, 1811-23 Aug 1897
Yandell, Clyde, 28 Aug. 1892-6 July 1943, Mo. Pvt. 44 Inf. 13 Div.
Delmer Don, 14 oct. 1928-19April 1950, Mo. PFC. Glider Inf. WWII

_____________, d. 30 July 1869, broken stone sets between stones of Margaret Steely and Sergt. H. C. Dennison.
______________ , Earnest, 11 Jan. 1898-5 Sept. 1898, stone sets between those of James L. Davis and Flora Linkous.
______________, James H., 23 Jan. 18599-9 Aug. 1895, stone sets between those of James L. Davis and Flora Linkous.
______________ , Margaret, stone sets between those of Flora Linkous and Eva Kingrey.
_____________ , Verne S., 20 Oct. 1896-13 Oct. 1897.
_____________,, W.L., 18 May 1893-10 Aug. 1893

Thanks go out to Peggy for this data base

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The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project

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Try a Find Death Records on Ancestors at RestAncestry Free Trial> Ancestry has more genealogy records than any site on the net and they often have free trials and special promotions.
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Try a Find Death Records on Ancestors at RestAncestry Free Trial Ancestry has more genealogy records than any site on the net and they often have free trials and special promotions.
Find Death Records on Ancestors at Rest Genealogy Today Lots of unique one of a kind genealogy databases

Death Records

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