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Death Records list of the funerals preached by Rev. Stephen Case in Mt. Salem New Jersy

Search a list of the funerals preached by Rev. Stephen Case in Mt. Salem New Jersy.

Rev. Stephen Case was the 4th son of John & Mary Case born at Meadville, now known as Waterloo Nille (just N.W., of Unionville) Oct. 4, 1818 professed Christianity 1835, joined Mt. Salem Baptist Church where mother and father and sister Hannah were members and brother John B. Case, pastor, baptized by brother Nov. 19, 1837. Began preaching at Mt.Salem, N.J. Nov. 20th, 1841. Entered Madison University June 1842 attended 2 yrs. Married Phebe Jane Overton Dec. 28,1843. Commenced preaching for 2nd Vantage Church at Broadway, N.J. Oct. 26, 1845, ordained Nov. 5, 1846.

A list of the funerals preached by Rev. Stephen Case in Mt. Salem New Jersy.

July 16, 1846- Funeral of child of William Wickham-2mo old
Nov. 6, 1846- Funeral of Jacob Cosad, Esq. age 43
July 11, 1847-Funeral of Rachel wife of H.P. Mead & dau of
Joseph Truesdell, age 31 yrs.
Sept. 20, 1847-Funeral of Hannah M. Case, age 35 (sister)
Sept. 27, 1847-Funeral of Mary Case (mother) age 58 yrs
died on her birthday, was buried on the hill in N.J. Ground
given by her father, Ebenezer Moad.
My father, John Caso died Jan. 11, 1844, age 60 yrs.
He was a member of the 1st Presbyterian Church (old school)
of Westtown,Orange Co., NY. His funeral sermon was preached
by his pastor, Rev. Ralph Bull at his residence in 
Minisink, BNY Was buried on the hill in New Jersey.
Oct.23, 1847-Funeral - Hon. Absolum Dunning, age 50 yrs.
Mar. 14,1848-Mrs. Elizabeth Finch- age 40 yrs.
Mar. 19, 1848 -Mrs. Mary McMullen, mother of Mrs. Finch, age 60 yrs.
Mar. 22. 1848- John Courtright- about 45 yrs. 
April, 26, 1848-wife of Peter H. Wilson-dau of Enos Brink
May, 10, 1848- Jackson-, son of Schooley Hayens, age 20 yrs,10 mos.
May 11, 1848- Rev. Josoph Houghwout, paster of Mt. Salem and
Greenville Baptist Churches
May 23, 1848-Sarah wife of Richard Huffman
Sept. 26, 1848-Jesse Holly or Haley, son in law of 
V[?]m. Elston, age 25.
Apr. 11,1849- Julia Ann Carpenter wife of Joseph Winters Jr. age 29
Apr. 27, 1849-Samuel Knapp- age 66
Aug. 14, 1849- William Bowman
Aug. 18, 1849- Jacob Bowman- brother of William
Oct. 21, 1849- John Castorline son of George Castorline found under a tree near Elmira.
Dec. 31, 1849- Lois Ann Bell Wife of John D. Wilcox
Jan. 28, 1850 -Mrs. Sears- 80 yrs.
May 18,1850- Hannah McWiggin age 93
June 30, 1850- wife of Jonathan Campbell, about 50 yrs.
Jan. 18, 1851- Martha wife of William Carpenter
May 1, 1851, child of William Wickham jr age 2 yrs
May 18, 1851-Susanna Boemor of Libertyville, N.J. age 80
yrs. 10 mo.Widow of Jacob Beemer an elder in Clove Church 
Sept. 20, 1851- Joseph Mead youngest son of Rev. Stephen 
and Phebe Jane Caso-2yrs 4 mo. Scarlet Fever.
Jany 11, 1851 - Frederick Lewis- at Broadway- 67 yrs.
Jan. 19,1851- Mary dau of Wm. & Rachel Van Sickle, age 17
her surviving family removed to Enterprise, Kansas. Her
mother was Rachel Beemer dau of Jacob.
Feb.6, 1852- William Wickham Sr. at Mt. Salem,NJ age 75yrs.
sermon Psalms 23-4
Apr.4, 1852, Samuel Titsworth at Clove Church-20 yrs
May 3, 1852- Mrs. Brink, wife of Jonas Brink-age 75 yrs
Aug. 10, 1852- John Van Tyle- age 72 yrs.
Aug. 22, 1852- Phebe Doty died in Chemung, wife of Charles Doty.
Sept. 5, 1852, Isaac Lateer-54 yrs 6 mo. a good man
Oct. 3, 1852, E.V. Adams wife of S. Adams.
Oct. 26, 1852 -Thomas Q. Coykendall - found dead.
Nov. 30, 1852 -David son of Joel & Susan Baird age 21  8 mos
Dec. 20, 1852 -Mrs. Stiles
Mar. 25, 1853-Clarissa Schoonover
June 26, 1853- David Elston-age 50
June 26, 1853- Elma & Martha Cole- died of smallpox
July 24, 1853- Fanny dau of David Clark age 31
Sept. 8,1853-Esther Maria wife of Deacon Moses Cole and dau
of Isaiah & Mary Clark, being my cousin.
Sept. 12, 1853 Mary Mulford dau of Parker & Susan Hallock
age 24 years, died in Ohio.
Jany 29, 1854- Mrs. Northrup mother of Thomas Northrup at
Salem, age 91 or 92 
Feb. 16, 1854-Eley Slawson relict of David Slawson
Feb.23, Asa Mead- son of Harry Mead died in New York City
age 25 yrs. left widow and 2 children.
Mar. 11,1854- Julia Decker wife of Levi Decker
Mar. 30, 1854- Widow of Joshua Cole  & mother of Israel
Davenport age 73 yrs.
Mar. 31, 1854-William Elston - a good pious man.
Apr.19------ Horace son of Daniel Green- age 25 yes.
May 19, 1854-William Bell at Brookfield (Slate Hill) age 34 yrs.
May 17, 1854- Katharine relict of Lewis Elston age 80 yrs.
See page 129 of Elston History.
July 4, 1854- Jesse Carpenter age 81 yrs 10 mo. 
Aug.16,1854- Robert Casterlin son of Geo. Sen.age 25 yrs.
Aug, 26, 1854-Temperramce Fountain- 72 yrs. did at her
brother's H. Shepherd
Nov. 11, 1854- Randolph Ayers-28 yrs at Broadway
Nov. 19, 1854- Nathan Clark age 25 yrs.
Jany 2,1855- Julia Ann Debaum(sister) (Case?)
Jany 28,1855- Nelly Jane Green -dau of Joseph Stanton at
Finchville, NY
Mar. 28, 1855-Howell Willcox, son of Nathan Willcox
Apr.2-1855-Julia Ann Wife Erastus Elston (dropsy)35 yrs.
Aug.3-1855- Dediction of Mr. Salem Meeting House
Oct. 17-1855-Funeral  BKetcham at Clove Church
Dec. 30.1855- Mrs. Mary Irwin, widow of Abraham Irwin &
sister to Asa Willcox at Fort Jarvis, age 66.
Jan. 24, 1856-Leah Latteer Mother of Rev. D. Bennett-85 yrs 1[9] mo.
Feb. 22. 1856- Jane Sherwood wife of Abraham Elston (cancer)
Mar. 11,1856- Elijah Winfield, son in law I.W. Cole- 40 yrs
old (There is a note that says this should be J.W. Cole?)
Apr. 28,1856- Silas Cortright- age 60
May 25, 1856-Rachel widow of late Dea. Peter Roloson, age 73 yrs
June 13, 1856- Jonas Brink, 85 yrs. 
Aug. 3 1856-Mrs. Neely age 76 yrs. 6 mo.
Aug. 9,1856- John Clark, brother to Cobus Clark- 84 yrs.
Aug.9. 1856-Margaret wife of Henry Mandeville-39 yrs.
Nov.4, 1865- Phoebe Wickham, widow of William Wickham Sr age 76 yrs
Dec. 14, 1856 -F.B. Overton 
Dec. 15, -1856-Elizabeth Ann Crine dau of E. W.& Arta M. Overton
Dec. 25, -1856-James Campbell at Greenville age 83 yrs. 9 mo.
Mar. 1,1857- Arta M. Overton wife of E.W. Overton, mother of
my wife, died Feb.28th.
June 18, 1857- Josiah Latteers wife -age 50 yrs.
July 8, 1857-- Isaac B. Overton, age 86, grandfather to my wife.
July 8, 1857 -Robert Young, age 70
July 19, 1857-Jonas Roloson, age 66 yrs,
Oct. 11, 1857- Moses Cortright 80 yrs
Oct. 19, 1857- Sarah Maria wife of Peter G. Hockenberry &
dau of James Brink of Clove Church
Oct. 25, 1857-Esther wife of John Patterson-age 71 (she was
Esther Bonker)
Jan. 13,1858-Esther relict of Moses Cortright in 73rd year.
Jan. 13, 1858- Daniel Green of Greenville, age 63 yrs.
Jan.18, 1858- Lydia Osborn at Westtown.
Apr. 21, 1858- at Salem, Mrs. Rhuama Clauson wife of Elias,
age 61
May 13,1858-Samuel Slawson-53 yrs.
May 13, 1858- Mrs George Foster
June 28,1858- Sansford Hallock, brother of Dr. D.
C.Hallbock-[44]? yrs
July 30, 1858- Mrs. William -58 yrs
July 31., 1858- Benjamin Green-TB-46 yrs
Oct. 6,1858- Nelly Davenport widow of Peter B. Davenport, 29 yrs
Oct. 13=1858- Sarah wife of Jeramiah Cole & dau of Jeptha F. Randolph.
Mar. 11. 1859 - James Clauson
May 19 , 1859- James son of Elisha & Sarah Smith, age 34
May 27, 1859- George M. son of John M, & Jane Ferguson 18 yrs
Aug. 9 1859- Miss Catherine Schoonover, 69 yrs 2 mo.
Sept.1, 1859- Elizabeth Snock wife of Jacob Snook.
Sept. 11. 1858- Sarah Jane McBride age 48 yrs.
Sept. 27, 1859- J.M. Comklin age 45 yrs.
Oct. 7, 1859 -Marcy Bennett sister to O. J. Brown, age -74 yrs
Jan. 18, 1860-Mary of Abraham Stevens- 70 years,
Jan. 20.1860- Bradner son of Thomas Perry- age 21
Oct.. 25, 1860= Mary relict of Joel Heator- age 67 years,
Apr. 26, 1860- Hannah wife of Zachary Hoffman 0ae 78 yrs 8 mo.
July 8, 1860- Pastor Hockenberry nearly 79 years,.
July 21, 1860- Milton Slawson
Aug. 2, 1860- R. M. Tuthill, Esq.
Sept.4. 1860- Kosiah wife of James Reed age 48 yrs
Sept. 16. 1860-Joseph Rix
Nov. 3, I860-Samuel son of James Clark. TB 37 yrs.
Dec. 19, 1860- John son of Nathaniel Coloman-24
Dec. 29, 1860-Mrs. Margaret Mulhare (fell on ice) age 45
Jan. 8, 1861-Flora wife of James Simon & mother of S.J.Lee-
age [53]?
Jan. 15, 1861- John Decker (Rev. Bull had service)
Jan. 20, 1861- Esther Brown Seward
Jan. 29, 1861- Jane, wife of Benjamin D. Myers
Apr. 13, 1861- Rosanna wife of Deacon John V. Roloson, age 54  
Apr. 24, 1861 -Ruth M. Dau of John M. & Jane Wickham died 
in New York City age 18 yrs.
July 5, 1861 Moses Latteer brother to Mrs. Rev. D. Bennett age 70 yrs.
July 21, 1861-Deacon Moses Cole
July 24, 1861- Zachariah Hoffman, age 63 yrs.
July 24, 1861- Mary relict of Eliakim Everitt age 88
Aug. 11, 1861- Stephen Moore, age 72 yrs.
Sept. 25, 1861- Effa Rololson age 73 yrs
Dec. 9, 1861- Huldah Shaw age 85 yrs
Oct. 1, 1862- Jonas Coxright at Unionville, age 68 yrs.
Mar. 20, 1862- Julia Ann wife of Daniel Coykendall & dau of
Thomas Perry left 6 children.
Apr. 3, 1862- Daniel Babcock of Army fever - age 28
Apr. 20, 1862- Phebe wife of Peter Wyker- age 61 yrs.
May  6. 1862- Smith Goble (TB) age 46
July 12, 1862-David Sh[e]nts age 87
Aug. 25, 1862- Samuel son of Justice & Eley Jane Clark
Aug. 28, 1862- Stephen Smith age 62 yrs.
Feb. 10, 1863- Josiah Letteer at Coleville, 55 yrs.
Mar. 3, 1865- Jane widow of George Casterline, Mt.Salem, 
Mar.10, 1863-Mrs. Moses D. Rodgers
Mar. 29, 1863 - Re[c]sselaer son of Fisk Harford, 28 yrs.
Mar. 30, 1863 -Samuel Jones of Greenville- 72 yrs. 26 ds.
Mar. 31, 1863- Sarah wife  of George Norris, dau of James &
Mary Clark, age 26 yrs.
Apr. 18, 1863- Charles McClennon, (TB) 26 yrs.
Apr. 23, Janet Van Sickle, mother of William Van Sickle, 
Apr. 28. 1863- Wife of Gouveneur Galaway, 29 yrs.
May 3, 1863- Linn Roe- 20 yrs. Army fever
May 27, 1863- Jeptha F. Randolph at Broadway- age 84 yrs
June 27, 1863-Elias Clauson- age 73 at Salem
July 25,  1863- Frances dau of James & Esther Jane Clark 17
July 26, 1863- Jonathan G. son of Increase Owen of Wisconsin
July 30, 1863-Sarah wife of William Davy-age 75
Aug. 7, 1863 -Richard Tuthill- 88 yrs at Unionville-z. Grenell
Sept.7, 1863-Fanny wife of Luke Decker dau of James L, &
Mary Clark, 28 yrs. 11 mo.
Oct. 6. 1836-Mary wife of Charles Smith-68 yrs,
Nov. 22, 1863-Isaac Howell, died in the Army at New Orleans,
54 yrs.
Jany. 3. 1864-Eliza wife of Levi Beemer, age 47 yrs.
Jany. 14, 1864-Doctor Dewitt C. Hallock, age 52 yrs.
Jany.19, 1864-Pamelia wife of Edward Kimble-age 43
Apr. 14, 1864-Nathan Hulse age 70
Apr. 23, 1864-Levie Huffman age 58 yrs. at Red Church
Apr. 29, 1864- Benj. Casterlin age 37-contracted disease in Army
May 4, 1864-James of Nehemiah & Elizabeth Baird-age 24
May 14, 1864- George Foster age 68
June 14, 1864-Charles of the late Samuel Slawson,27 y, 11 mo
July 10, 1864-Mrs. Mary Jeffers age 88
Aug. 7, 1864- William Myers who died in the Army
Aug. 25, 1864- John H. son of James & Fanny Wickham -TB-NYC-age 23
Sept.25. 1864-James W. Rutan
Nov. 13, 1864-Avery son of James Norris-died in army
Dec. 4, 1864- C.T. Goldsmith at Unionville- died in the
army-age 24 yrs.
Dec. 24-Levi Clark at Greenville -age 60 yrs
Feb. 12, 1865- Ezra Beemer, son of Levi & Eliza Beemer age 34
Feb. 21, 1865-Mrs. Maria wife of John Whiting, age 67 yrs
Apr. 1, 1865- Mrs. McBride mother of George McBride, age 77
Apr. 23, 1865 - Joseph Winters at Salem, age 79 yrs.5mo
Apr. 26, 1865-Mrs.Leutce, widow of Levi Leutes- 71 yrs. 5 mo.
May 11, 1865- D. Webb Jenks, at Greenville, age 69
May 28. 1865- Chauncey Cortright, soldier - age 25 yrs,
June 25, 1865- Daniel L. Coykendall- died in Andesonville prison
July, 31, 1865- Perry Myers son of Jesse V. Myers Esq , 23 yrs.
Sept. 8, 1865- Samuel Bennett- age 55 yrs.
Oct. 25. 1865 -Alameda wife of John B.Elston, age 25 yrs, 7 mo
Dec. 31, 1865- Widow of Exra Boomer Oct. 25, 1866-James Taylor
age 60 yrs. 7 mo. at Unionvillve, Ny
Mar. 31, 1866- Courtright son of Levi Boomer at Libertyville- 24
Apr. 26, 1866- Lydia wife of Asa Wilson age 37
May 16, 1866- Mary  Dennis age 18
June 12, 1866 Martha Widow of David Sh[o]ns age 75 yrs 10 mo
July 8, 1866 Samuel  & John Cortright died in the Army
July,10, 1866- Priscilla wife of David Bross at 1st Vantage
Sept. 9, 1866- Tabitha wife of James Simons (cancer)  age 60
Nov. 19, 1866- Nathaniel Coleman father of Ivi Colleman-58 yrs 5 mo
Nov.25, 1866- Horace Tinney at Greenville TB* 64 yrs+
Nov. 30. 1866- Jesse Northup at Westtown- 66  yrs.
Jany. 12, 1867-Damsa Winters mother of Levi Winters at Salem. 79 yr
Jan. 20, 1867- Sara Jane dau of Isaac P. King-36 years.
Mar. 3. 1867- James Shultz age 86 yrs. 8 mo.
Mar. 28, 1867- Jermiah Coddington, 80 yrs-3 mo. 16 ds
Apr. 13, 1867- Harry M. Rackett at Westtown. age 45 yrs.
Apr. 13, 1867 -Daniel Taylor, age 71 yrs.
June 3, 1867 Hannah Taylor, age 71 yrs
June 24, 1867-David Patterson age 74
June 25,  1867 James A. Clark at Unionville, age 76 yrs. 6 mo.
July, 25, 1857- Elmira Jenks Widow of D. W. Jenks,ag 65
Aug. 4, 1867-- Samurl Car[m]er at Broadway, age 65 yrs.
Feb. 2, 1868 _James Meeker at Orange, age 66
Feb. 4, 1868- Charity daughter of Adley & Millicent Winters.age 18 yrs
Feb.19, 1868- Andrew J. Perry, son of Thomas Perry - age 44 yrs. 8 mo.
Feb.23, 1868-wife of George Cox age 30 yrs.
Mar. 10, 1868 - Munson son of Jesse Green. age 28
Mar. 15,1868-Peter Wyker at Libertyville, age 79
Mar. 18, 1868- Charity wife of John B. Decker and dau of
Simon & Julia Kilpatrick, age about 50, buried at Clove. 
Apr. 5, 1866- Widow of James Sjultz
July 25, 1886- Asa Wilcox
Sept. 25. 1868-William T. Jockenberry at Broadway, age 33
Sept. 27, 1868-Leander D. Son Nehamiah age 19  yrs
Nov. 25, 1868-Katherine wife of Cortland Martin dau of Mary
Clark - 52 yrs. 10 mo, from undue exposure, to the elements,
from which she never recovered,
Mar. 25, 1859- Jane 3rd wife of Thomas M. Roloson
Mar. 28, 1869- Nathan Nygant- age 60
Apr. 15, 1869-Orris Alex. son of Fish Harford - age 20
Apr. 18, 1869- Mrs. Vail at Salem, 73 yrs.
May 19, 1889- Mrs. Curtis died at her son in law's Chauncey Carpenter
June 12, 1869 - Mrs Arminda  wife of Jesse Meeker, late of
Wantage, 63 yrs. 11 mo.
Aug. 1, 1869- William Carpenter at Salem, age 71 yrs,11 mo
Aug. 21, 1869-  Levi P. Adams at Unionville, age 41
Sept. 5, 1869- Hiram Burroughs at Unionville Baptist Church
33 yrs. 11 mo.
Sept. 14, 1869- Jacob Snook at Union Pres. Ch. age 70
Oct. 6, Rosanna wife of Daniel Vaill and dau of Jerome
B.Gilson, age 22 was drowned.
Jan. 2, 1870- Daniel Whittaker of Salem, TB, age 46
Jan. 18, 1870- Levi Van Gorder near Coleville- age 94.
Jan. 20, 1870- Maria Brink, at John B. Beckers, age 66
Feb. 3, 1870- Charlotte Phillips age 64
Mar. 4, 1870- Malinda J. McCann wife of Mahlon McCann, age 37 yrs
Mar. 16, 1870- Lebbeus I. Carpenter age 45
Mar. 21, 1870, Lewis Brown age 45
Apr. 28, 1870, Isaac Poppino at Salem, age 88- I presume he
was a grandson of Major Poppino & Elizabeth Wood, see
Ketcham-Boyvolt Family pub. 1954
June 14, 1871- Margaret Worden age 74. 
June. 19, 1870-Sarah Ann Howell at Greenville, age 56 yrs.
Sept. 29, 1870 Jacob Boomer of typhoid at age 66 yrs.
Nov. 3rd. 1870- Minevra only child of Henry & Phebe Cole 21 yrs.
Nov.. 7, 1870- Mrs. Basett mother of Ed Rimmer's wife, 86 yrs.
Nov. 15, 1870- George E. Smalley son of Asa. James Smalley-24 yrs
Nov. 25, 1870, William Hawkins age 71 yrs. 5mo. 1 day
Nov. 29, 1870- Sarah widow of Wm. Hawkins, 79 yrs.
Dec. 28, 1870 Henry Goble at Greenville, age 77 yrs,
Feb. 12, 1871- Millicent wife of Adley Winters
Feb. 16, 1871 -Enos Brink, age 76 yrs.
Feb. 18, 1871- Mrs.Frances Van Gorder, widow of Levi Van
Mar. 28, 1871- Abraham Brose, Esq. at Coleville, age76
Mar.30, 1871 -Sarah dau of Absalon & Naomi Everitt died Minn. 33 yrs
May 5, 1871- Jesse Green father of Geo and Albert Green,
about 70
Jun. 18, 1871 -Abigail Jane dau of Joseph Reed and wife Evi
Coleman of Ohio. Came home and died of TB at the age of 34 yrs; 
July 13, 1871-Adeline Green dau of B.F. & Maria Green and
granddaughter of Deacon Moses Burland-aged 32 yrs, 11 mo.
July 17, 1871- Joseph Winfield at Coleville, aged 62 yrs. 6 mo.
Aug,11. 1871- Mrs. Huldah Fergerson wife of James N. Ferguson -57
Sept. 13, 1871- David A. Elston at Salem father of Jane Case, 
Oct. 10, 1871- Mrs. Jane Carr, wife of Robert Carr & dau of
James A.& Mary Clark, age 51. 
Oct. 15, 1871- Isaac P. King age 72 yrs. 6 mo.
Oct. 17, 1871- Joseph F. Hamilton age 35 years.
Nov. 23, 1871- Kosiah Bailey age 81
Mar. 27, 1872-Charlotte Van Sickle, wife of Jacob Van Sickle
of Coleville-age 48. 
Mar. 29, 1872- Eunice Carman relict of Samuel Carman age 64.
Apr. 24, 1872- Deacon Moses Durland, Greenville, age 88
May 14, 1882- Mrs. Phebe wife of Henry Cole age 60
May 20, 1872- Mrs. [M]inifred Blizzard, age 83, mother of
Mrs. Joseph Manning. .
Aug. 15, 1872- Samuel Cheeseman  funeral at Newton, N.J. 
age 33, was shot in Washington, D.C.
Sept. 4, 1872- Jacob Van Sickle husband of Charlotte Van
Sickle 51yrs. They died six months apart.
Sept. 8, 1872- Mrs. Schoonover wife of  Joel Schoover age 50 yrs.
Oct. 21 1872- Mary widow of James A. Clark at Unionville, NY
Nov. 6, 1872- Daniel Dillistin age 36
Nov. 10, 1872-Deacon John F. Alward
Nov. 20, 1872-John Dillistin near Branchville, age 72 yrs.
Oct. 9, 1872- Mrs.Elizabeth Burrows & widow of Hiren B. age 34-7 mo
Oct.21, 1873- Mrs. Julia Canfield, age 70 years
Feb. 18, Phebe widow of Henry Goble-79 yrs, died on the 16,
April 7. 1873- Sophia wife of James Roloson at Beemerville,NJ 
April 12, 1873- Davis Wickham age 63, was a Presbytrian but
ordered that I preach the Sermom- Lived in Minisick, buried at Ridgebury.
May 25, 1875- Jesse Mr, Carpenter son of Oliver L. & Julia
Maria Carpenter - age 31yrs. 6 mo. 5 days.
July 10, 1873 -Theodoro Brundage age 19
July 22, 1873- Eve Daughter of John M & Fanny Case -2 yrs
July 22, 1873- Judson son of Abram D. Baird
Aug. 28, 1873- James  H. son of David Space.
Sept. 4,1873- Sanford I . Cortright 31 yrs at Broadway, NJ
Dec. 11. 1873- Ezra W. Overton age 75 yrs, Libertyville, NJ
Apr. 3, 1874, Katharine Winfield wife of Abraham Brink, 66yrs.
April, 23, 1874- Henry Alward 36 yrs, on May 10, 1874.
June 11, 1874, -Catharine Winfield at Colveville, 84 Yrs.
Aug, 11, 1874, Easter Mead wife of Isaav P. Mead- 51 yrs.
Sept. 22, 1874, - Mrs. Lydia Cole died at great age. 
Oct. 26, 1874- Moses Comestock age 62 yrs
Nov. 28, 1874- Julia eldest daughter of Wm. A.& Elizabeth
Corddington - age 17 yrs

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Genealogy is the study of family pedigrees, the descent of a person or family from an ancestor, generation by generation.