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Hampshire Federalist Birth, Marriage, Death.

Births Marriages and Deaths taken from the Hampshire Federalist newspaper 1812 ~ 1817. The Hampshire Federalist newspaper was published in Springfield Massachusetts starting from about 1806. This database starts in 1812.

The Hampshire Federalist, Springfield (MS) January 9, 1812
Died - In Palmer, Friday last, Mr. Robert Smith, Ae 81.

January 23, 1812
Died -in Philadelphia, on the 7th inst. Joseph Dennis, Esq, [Editor] of the Port Folio

January 30, 1812
Died- Miss Nancy G. Bass, sister of Mr. S. Jones of Powhatten, near Richmond, N. H., and niece to Mr. Giles, perished in a fire, also Mr. Jones; youngest child perished.

Feburary 6, 1812
Died- In Granby, Dec. 31, Mr. John Hatfield, ae 27
In Northhampton, 17 ult. Mr. Josiah Dickinson, ae. 62 February 20, 1812
Died- In Washington, on the 7th inst. Hon. Mr. Blount, M. C. from N. Carolina.
In Granby, 2nd inst. Mrs. Apphia Preston, consort of Mr. Joel Preston, Ae. 40.
In this town, 9th inst. Mr. Nathan Snow, AE 29.
The 15th ult. the dwelling house of Mr. Joseph Crowell of Hardwick was burned, a brother of Mr. Crowell perished.

February 27, 1812
Died- in Hartford, Conn, Walter S. Church, aged 2 yr. son of Aaron Church, Esq.
In South Brimfield, on the 5th inst. Capt. Asa.[?] in his 79th year.

March 5, 1812
Died- In Hartford , Maj. Geo. Bull, AE 51
In Brookfield, Miss Charlotte , eldest daughter of the Lat Hon. Jabez [Uyhaus] AE 14
In Grafton, three young children, [Jose h, ] [Sally] [Samuel] of Mr. John Warren.
a daughter , (Adeline) of Mr. James Wheeler;
and a daughter (Mary), of Mr. David White. In West Springfield, on the 2d inst. Mr.John Taylor AE 61

April 11, 1812
In this town, on Wednesday last, Miss [illegible] daughter and only surviving child of Mr. [illegbile] Bliss, aged 16 years,
On [illegible] on Monday last, illegible, Mr. [Demas?]Colton, son of Mr. Dennis Colton, aged, [?] months, [2] days.

April 9, 1812
Died- In Palmer, on Thursday last, Capt. John King, in his 72d year.
In this town, this morning, Cornelia, daughter of Rossell Lombard, aged 5 years.

April 16, 1812
Died- In South Hadley, on the 31st ult. Mrs. Caroline Wright, AE 20, wife of Mr. John Wright.
In this town , on Saturday last, Mrs, Elisa Lloyd, AE, 26, wife of Mr. John Lloyd.

April 23, 1812
Died- A letter from Acworth, dated last Thursday gives deaths in that place from 20th February, from the spotted fever.
Hannah Grear, age 18
Euobus Silsby, age unknown;
Ira Ladd, aged 20;
Mr. Moor, aged about 60;
Three children of John Davidson;
Two children of George March;
Two children of Capt. Joseph Cragg;
Three children of Col. John Duncan;
one child of George Duncan;
One child of James Davidson'
One child of Jacob Howard;
One child of Benj. Stone;
One child of Ebenezer Grout, Esq.
One child of John Bailey;
One child of Capt. Joel Angier;
One child of David Morrison
In a letter from Francistown, the following.
On Monday last, Alexander M'Colum, aged 33; the next morning, three of his children; Sally M' Murphy aged 15;
Mrs. Peggy Clark, wife of Mr. George Clark;
Mrs. Mindwell Parks, aged 31, wife of Mr.Elisha Parks;
Married- In this town, on Monday, the 13th inst. Mr. Azariah
Vanhorne, aged 54, to Miss Fanny Wright, aged 21.
Died-at Belpre (Ohio), Co. Isrsel Putnam, eldest son of the Revolutionary Patriot, Gen. Israsel Putman, to chorelra {?}the deceased was aid-de- champ, he was in his 73rd year.
At Granville, Mr. David Sawyer , AE 28
on the 3d Feb. Rebecca M. , aged 8 years;
on the 31st March, Melissa, aged 3 years;
on the 2d April, Oliver M., aged 5 years,
on the 5th, Richard D., aged 12 years.
on the 6th , Henerietta, aged 14, children of Mr. Levi Cooley;
In Belchertown, Mr. Ebenzar [Warner]? aged 73, his wife, and his son Elisha's wife, all died within a few hours and interred at the same time and d [inst]?.

April 23, 1812
Died- in Ludlow, 22 ult. Mr. Timothy Wright, AE 65,
In Wilbraham, 18th inst.Col. Abel King, Ae 69;
In this town, on Tuesday 14 inst. Mr. John Bridges, Jr. AE 27.
On Wedneday, 15th inst. Wid. Elizabeth Bliss, AE, 80 relict of Mr. Ruben Bliss.
Same day, Mrs James Morey, AE 25, son of Mr. Abner Morey , of Montgomery.

May 7-1812
Married- In Brimfield, on 23 of April last, by Stephen Pynchon, Esq., Mr. Allen Jones to Miss Mary Bliss.

April 30 , 1812 Died-from the Nat. Intel. April 21, yesterday morning, Patriot , Statesman, Vice-Presidennt, George Clinton.
At Wisscasset, the 21st inst. Hon, Thomas Rice, Esq., AE 74.
In Richmond (Ms.), Major Asa Douglass of New- Cannan (Con.),aged 72, an officer in our revolutionary War.
In Northhampton, Widow E. Gough, aged 53.
In this town, Miss Alathen Ashley, daughter of Mr. Justin Asley, aged 16.

May 28. 1812
Died in Longmeadow, on Saturday last, Mr. John Dwight , ages 45.
In this town , Mr. Paul White, aged 53.

June 11, 1812
Died - In Belchertown, 29th May, wife of Nathan Wilson hanged herself.
on the 2d inst. Jonathan Squire Smith, only son of Jonathan Smith, was drowned.

June 18, 1812
Died- In Greenfield, on the 5th inst. Capt. Caleb Clapp, an officer of the Revolution.
In New Haven , Mr. Thomas Green, printer, AE 77, formerly Editor of the Connecticut Journal. The first printing office in Hartford was elstablished by him in 1754. He was the great grand son of Samuel Green, of Cambridge .(Ms.), the first printer in New England. who emigrated from England, with Gov. Winthrop, in 1650.

In Boston, on the 9th inst. the Rev. Joseph Stephens Buckminster, Pastor of the Church in Brattle Square, aged 28. On the same day, his father, the Rev. Joseph Buckminster, Pastor, D.C. of Portsmouth [illegbile] journeying for his health , died a few miles below Bennington, Vermont.

June 18, 1812 Died- At Ridgefield, Con, on the 3d inst.Mr. Lockwood Gorham, aged 64.
on the 5th, his widow, Mrs._________Gorham, aged 68.
On the 4th , Miss Betsey Keeler, aged 20.
At Suffield,Mr. Edward Gray, printer, aged 56.
At Granfield, Mr. Lorrin C. Hatch, aged 23
In this town, on the 10th, inst. Mrs. Katharine Horton, aged 89, relict of Mr. Stephen Horton.
On Monday last, dworned in Chicopee River, a child of Mr. Thomas Chapin, aged 12 years.

June 25, 1812 Died - at Wilbraham, on the 22d, inst. Miss Sophia Fuller, age 23, daughter of Mr. Ephraim F.

July- 2, 1812 Died- in Monson, on the 24th ult. Mrs. ________ Banchard, wife of Mr. Chester Blanchard, aged 41.

July 9, 1812 Died- At the Great Falls of Passaic River (N.J.), Wife of the Rev. Hooper Cummings.
At Simsbury (Con.), drowned, Azariah Jay Wilcox.
At Enfield (Con.), Mr. Calvin Pierce, aged 27.
At Granville, Mrs. Betsey Robinson, Aged 25, wife of Mr. Elizur Robinson.
At Northhampton, Mrs. Weathly, relict of Mr. Joseph Dickenson, aged 59.
Mr. Lewis Hannun, of Southhampton, aged 22.
In Hadley, Mr.Isaiah Carrier, aged 71.
In Medway, 16th ult. (killed by lightning), Miss Polly,Daughter of Mr. Calvin Cutler, aged 18
In Dedham, 24th ult.( killed by accidental discharge of a gun), Mr. Thomas Crane , aged 21, son of Elijah Crane.
In Greenfield, on Monday last, Ebenezer Arms, Esq. Justice of the Court of Sessions for Franklin County,
In South - Hadley, on Sunday last, Mr. Ebenezer Moody, Jr.
In this town, on the !st inst. Mrs. Jemima Bates, aged 65, wife of Mr. George Bates.
On Monday Last, Mr. Eleazer Chapin, aged 62.

July 16, 1812 On Monday last, Mr. Elnathan Baldwin, of West Springfield.Fell from his wagon, about 3 miles north of Hartford,was run over and shortly after expired.
At sea, drowned from on board the privateer Success, [?] Marblehead, Nathaniel Kelly, Benj. [illegible] and [illegible] Bartlett, aged about 25 years each, and leaving families.

July 16, 1812 Died - In Upper Canada, Mr. Peter Fortier, aged 21, cruelly murdered in his bed by Indians.
At Black Rock, Francis Hubbell, and John Briggs, soldiers in the volunteer arm of the United States.
At Albany, Brigadier Gen. Peter Cabsevcort(?), U. S. Army, aged 63
In Leomister, June 3, Mr. Artemas Wood, age 30, of the prevailing fever; and on the 4th inst. Mrs. Catherine, relict of said A. Wood, aged 23 also on the 8th, their father, Lt. John Wood, aged 66.
At Sekonk, Mr. N. Barney, aged 55 a worthy soldier of the revolutionary war.
In this town, on Sunday last, Mrs.Mary Worthington, aged 80, relict of the Hon. John Worthington.

July 25, 1812
On the 5th inst. at Monson, Mrs. Nancy Kly, wife of Rev. Alfred Kly.

The Hampden Federalist August 6, 1812
Died in Norich, on the 28th June, Mr. Wm. Lunnon, ae 101
in Northhampton, Mr. Wm. Phelps. ar 39.
In Wilbraham, July 30 Mr. Stephen Colton, AE 76.

August 12, 1812
Married- at Suffield, Capt. Daniel Lenard, Jr. of West Springfield, to Miss Sarah Allen.
In Winddam, Mr. Rufus Hunt, to Miss Polly Canada.
Died - in Weatherfirld,Mrs. Eunice E. Buck, Ae. 24, wife of Mr. Winthrop Buck
In Huntington, (Con.) , Mr Philp Sherman, aged about 55.
In Tyringham, onthe 23 ult., Mr. Almon Benton, Student in physic, ae 19, Miss Ruth Mills, ae 18, and MissBetsety Barfield, AE 21, all drowned by the upsetting of a Canoe.
On Tuesday last, Mr. Joseph Webester.

August 20, 1812
Died- In Baltimore, General Ligan, Assassinated by the mob.
also Mr. Gale shot,
Aslo Mr. John Williams , who was wounded by the mob.
At sea. Daniel Coffin, of cumberland County, was killed by lightning.
In Salisbury, Mr. Lamuel Knight, ae 50
in Hingham, Benjamin Cushing , Esq. AE, 87. Father was the Editor of the Salem

August 20, 1812
Died- in Roxbury, Mr. Dwight Williams, AE, 33
In Monson, on the 9th inst. Alfred Edwards, ae, 2 yr., son of the Rev, Alfred Ely.
In this town, the 29th June, Mrs. Elizabeth Talcott, Ae 67, wife of Mr. Seth Talcott. Mr. Petersen and Mr. Reynolds were suffocated.

Married - in Westfield, on Thursday evening, 30th, Mr. Samuel Douglas of Westfield to Mrs. Elizabeth Burbridge, of Cornwillis, Nova Scotia.
In Naseena, Ft. Lawrance county, (N. Y,) . Warren C. Hubbard
, AE, 6 years, 7m. son of Capt. Calvin Hubbard.formerly of this town.
In Brimfield, June 6th, Deac.Ebenezer Fairbanks, Ae , 76
In Monson,Aug. 16th, Mrs. Betsey Packard, wife of Timothy Packard, Jr, AE 29
In Wilbraham, Aug. 20th, Miss Hannah Jones, AE, 22, daughter of Mr. Thomas Jones.

September 10, 1812
Married-In Longmeador, on Wednesday, the 2d inst. , by the Rev. Mr.Storrs, the Rev. Simeon Colton, of Palmer, to Miss Lucretia Colton, of Longmeadow.

September 17, 1812
Married- in this town, on Monday last, Mr. Solomon Hatch, Merchant, to Miss Hannah W. Bryant, both of this town.

Died- In Wethersfield (Con) on the 12th inst. Samuel W.Williams, Esq. Ae,60, a respectable officer in the American Army during the revolutionary war.
In Blandfor, Sept.1, Hannah, wife of William Henry,and daughter of Capt.John Watson, AE, 32, leaving four daughters.

October 1, 1812
Married- in Brimfield, on Thursday, the 17th ult., Mr. Harrison G. Bishop. of Homer (N.Y.), to Miss Margaret Browing of Briafield.
In this town, by Oliver B. Morris, Esq., Mr. EliashaTobay, to Miss Sophia Ferre.
Died- In Marlborough, (VT.) , Aug. 23, Widow Jemian(?) Church,ae, 94.
In Hartford (VT.) on the 18 ult. Mrs. Lucretia, wife of Mr. Horace Cooley, and daughter of Mr. Ebenezer Morgan of this town, at 29 leaving eight children.
In Northampton, on the 24th ult. , Mr. Isaac Care. Ae 41
In this town on Tuesday last, Mr. Wm. Dela Hunt, (______)

Married- In this town, on Tuesday eveing last, by the Rev.S. Osgood, Mr. James
Wells, Mer., to mis Rebecca Ames, daughter of Mr. David Ames.
Died- in Northampton, on the 9th inst.Mrs. Lucy Ashmun, wife of the Hon. Eli.P. Ashmum, Esq. , ae 37.
In Granby, the 30th ult. Mr. Joseph Hatfield, AE 76.
In Wilbraham, Miles Milton Webster, son of Mr.Elihah Webster, AE 14
In this town, on Monday evening,Mrs. Lydis Chapin, wife of Col. Salis Chapin, AE 54.

October 22, 1812
Died - In Philadelphia, on the 12th inst. on his return from St. Barts, to Boston,
Capt. Wm. Marshal, Jun..formerly of Boston.
In New York, Mrs. Kiles, Mrs. Malony, Miss Elizabeth Stevenson, and Mr. David Otille, drowned.
At Guilford, C., Mr. Simeon Chittenden, AE 70, drowned in the Ohio River, Doct.
David R. Ripley, AE 34, late of Windham (Con.).
In Brimfield, on the 6th inst. Mrs. Hannah Miller, AE 67, wife of Mr. Benj. Milller.
On Wednesday the 14th inst. the body of Mr. Samuel Pratt was found at the foot of a precipice, near the the turnpike road in Russell. He had left Westfield three weeks before on his way to Blanford, and met his fate on the day he left Westfield. Mr. Pratt was formerly from a town near Boston, but had resided in this part of the country for near 20 years.

October 29, 1812
Died- In Savannah River, E. X. Kuller, while swimming from a privateer to the shore, he was taken down by an alligator.
In E. Tennessee, Gen. Henry Conway, a hero of revelution, his death was occasioned by the stings of bees.
In Greenfield,( N. Y.) ,Mr. Martin Blackman, accidently shot.
In Sanbornton (N.H) Mr. Daniel Eastman.
In Portmouth, Jane Stanly, AE,12 , accidently shot.
In East Winsor, (C.) 14th inst., Mr. Jeremiah Lord, AE 57.
In New Haven, Col. Luther Loomis, member of the Legislature from Suffield, AE 58
In Exetar, (N.H.) Mr. Nathaniel Davis
In St. Albans, (Ver.) Miss Harriet Louisa Hayes, ae, 21, daughter of the Rev. Joel Hayes, of S. Hadley
In Norwich, on Sunday last, His Excellency Roger Griswold, Governor of the State of Connecticut.
In Blandford, Oct. 20, Widow Rebecca Cannon, AE 80, daughter of Mr. Isreal Gibbs, one the first settlers in this town, and is the first who has died of eight Children , in 77 years. The youngest of the surviving seven is 62 , the eldest 99.

This Data Base is a work in progress. I will try get the rest online a.s.a.p, so keep coming back.

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